Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Part Of Katy Perry I Like

Katy Perry's performance of "Part Of Me" was the highlight of this year's Grammy Awards for me. I was impressed by her surprisingly strong vocal deliverance and the clever staging but also flawed by the quality of the song. When I heard "Teenage Dream" was being re-released with a bunch of old demos, I really feared for the worst. Katy's sophomore album is an almost flawless affair - why pollute it with scraps? As it turns out, this super-charged Dr. Luke/Max Martin production stands toe-to-toe with songs like "Firework" and "Last Friday Night" in terms of quality. In fact, it might even exceed them.

The recently divorced diva appears to have re-discovered her edge. "Part Of Me" is a bitter and angry pop song. A raised middle finger to Russell Brand that strikes a chord with anyone that has been fucked over in the pursuit of love. The track would have slotted in nicely on "One Of The Boys", which is perhaps why it was originally overlooked. I honestly believe this is the sound Katy needs to pursue. Pop/rock suits her voice and personality better than electronica and seems like a more authentic fit. "Part Of Me" is already #1 on American iTunes and could well go on to become the hitmaker's record-breaking 6th chart-topper from "Teenage Dream". All hail Queen Katy!


Anonymous said...

Poor Russell didn't even get his own Fuck You break up song!!! This is just ANOTHER Travie McCoy one re-hashed!!!

Me said...

The Busty Beauty does it again! Aphrodite Of Pop!