Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Madonna's Reductive Super Bowl Performance

You know, I was going to keep my trap shut about Madonna's Super Bowl performance. My parents taught me to respect my elders and it seemed to be well-received by her less discerning fans. But then somebody sent me a bunch of pics comparing the production to Kylie's revolutionary Aphrodite - Les Folies tour and I had to speak out. I'm not sure where the images originated but let me know and I'll credit your hard work in the pursuit of truth, honesty and artistic integrity.

To be honest, the parallels between the 53-year-old's half-time extravaganza and Ms Minogue's show passed me by while I was watching the unfortunate trainwreck unfold before my eyes. I was more put off by Madonna's bad miming and unflattering costume. Not to mention the first cringeworthy pop culture moment of 2012 when the former hitmaker dragged out LMFAO and made a fool of herself trying to perform some kind of geriatric leg lift.

However, on closer inspection, the similarities can't be denied. From the costumes to the staging - this is pretty much a blatant rip-off. Sure, Madonna's team threw in some new choreography and some nifty LCD displays but we've seen it all before. It doesn't bother me so much if this is just something she threw together for the Super Bowl but I'm concerned if it's a taste of her forthcoming world tour. What's next a 3D concert film and pop-up deluxe edition of MDNA hand cut by Dannii that takes 8 months to arrive?

Watch the bogusness below. Reductive is the word.

EDIT: Picture via Live Learn Shine On.


Deirdre Halliwell said...

The Trolls online are going Gaga on this LOL

Saying Kylie rips off Gaga and all that shite!

I wholeheartedly agree with your post. The LMFAO part was abysmal. I think i threw up a little.

I couldn't take my eyes off Madge's botoxed face! It is shocking. She makes Nicole Kidman look emotional!

Poor Madge, what a waste of her HRT.

Anonymous said...

as if madonna would even know what a nobody like kylie did on her tour!

John said...

Of course Madonna knows what Kylie did on her tour. And GaGa. And Ke$ha. She wouldn't keep chasing the latest trends (Martin Solveig anyone) if she didn't keep up with pop culture. Plus she lives in could she have avoided the Aphrodite hype? The worst part about this is that Madonna brought this on herself. If she hadn't been so haughty about the GaGa question last month, there probably would have been much more love. But seriously...that opening wasn't stolen, it was SNATCHED. She didn't even give Kylie a reach-around.

Anonymous said...

Madonna likes Kylie the same way as Kylie loves Madonna so there's no way that Madonna would not know the works of Kylie! Madonna copied the works of Kylie. Period!!

Sotres said...

You all know she was AMAZING.

Sexbox said...

Madonna's drive is to market herself in anyway possible. She succeeded immensely regardless of what anyone thinks of her performance. I honestly believe she chose to release this new single only because it would compliment her Super Bowl show. Anyhoo, I recall Kylie ripping off the Blonde Ambition tour. Madge is getting her payback 20 years late, thats all lol

trentmelb said...

Madonna's thrown looks like the same opening from the Sticky & Sweet tour?

And Kylies Aphrodite tour entrance was Express Yourself Blond Ambition entrance incl the male dancers before she came up.

Cade said...

As much as I'm so over all this 'Gaga ripped off Madonna' chant that Madonna fans have been shouting for six months (Yeah in some ways she has, but in some ways she's been totally unique - I mean 'meat dress' anyone? No one that I know of has ever ever done that, I wouldn't call Kyle's Aphrodite 'revolutionary' either, I mean Kylie ripped off the Greek Gods really, even stole the name - 'Aphrodite' lol. NOTHING is original anymore and how could it be after this many years with 7 billion people on the planet. Any female artist who changes up their image a lot can always be matched up with someone else looking the same at some point. The 'she ripped off such and such' hysteria is SO stupid. Everything is derivative of something else in this day and age.

Petra said...

You know I had the exact same thoughts as I watched the performance but then an elder who was at the Superbowl party argued that this was more a tribute to Liz Taylor's Cleopatra rather than a Kylie rip-off, which it might have been. Not that it makes a difference, as it was anything but cutting edge...

daniel said...

Total Kylie ripoff!!! I use to like Madonna but I kinds lost respect for her after this. Maybe she learned from gaga

Chris MCB said...

I got an Aphrodite Les Folies vibe from the SuperBowl but I didn't realise how blatant it was. Thanks Mike!

Me said...

The CRONE didn't only blatantly steal from DIRE AphroSHITEe The Folly, she also "borrowed" heavily from X2008 - and for her Stinky Old Queef tour she copied swathes from Showgirl & Homecoming...

What a DIRE HAG she is!

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. Thanks for posting.

Madonna did steal the entire first act of Kylie’s recent Aphrodite Tour. Maybe the outfit looked different (Egyptian instead of Greek), but the order Madonna did things in, and show concept, was exactly the same as Kylie’s.

It’s not the first time Madonna has stolen from Kylie’s tours.

Kylie always gets the raw deal here. She’s accused of copying Madonna all the time (even 25 years later); or people think they’re friends so Kylie won’t mind. That’s total BS. If they were friends, wouldn’t you credit your friends as inspiration? It’s called “being polite”.

Yes, Kylie did homage Madonna back in the 90s with a tour. But Kylie did freely credit her source. Madonna has never said “I was inspired by Kylie’s…”. Never.

It’s no secret Madonna steals from lesser-known-in-US artists - and then acts as though she’s the originator of these ideas. She’s been doing this since the 80s - it’s only Madonna’s fans who haven’t caught on.

It’s great that Lady Gaga is exposing Madonna for all her unoriginalness.

Anonymous said...


"Aging American Retro Pop Star"

: )

Anonymous said...

I have to further agree with the comments above regarding Madonna never giving credit where it's due; but then why should she--she's a thief and a whore--I believe there is an unauthorized biography which has been corroborated by many, many people who, "knew her when." She was determined and ruthless about getting to where she is today (or was yesterday!). (I wouldn't waste my time reading it--they made a movie out of it!)

Nevertheless, I think she does assume her U.S. fans are naive and particularly provincial as not to realize that she has often (at least in the latter part of her career) taken from Kylie and other incredibly successful international artists without ever daring to give credit where it was due. Like I said, she's a thief. Her, "innovative ideas" which made her an "artist" are really the result of the creativity of others outside the U.S., therefore, who's to know? Who's to know that all that "talent" didn't actually come from her?"

She also had the audacity to refer to Lady Gaga as reductive when she (Lady Gaga) has had more originality thus far than Madonna has ever had since her landing on the music scene in the 80's.

Now, Madonna can't even steady her stilettos during the "greatest show in the world," as she, herself, referred to the Superbowl Half-Time Show which was what, an entire 12-13 minutes?? She couldn't pull off a 12 to 13 minute show without practically falling? There are artists far less revered than Madonna that perform for 2 hours or longer without missing a step.

It's time she takes her gargantuan ego out of the rafters--she's lucky if she can get a seat on the bleachers these days although I'm sure she would be more comfortable beneath them--she's just getting too old to hope for anyone to meet her there after the game!

Why don't you hang it up Madonna from Detroit--not England--not even New York!!!!! (No offense, Detroit)

She made her money in the ugliest ways and is trying to act like the Duchess of Windsor living along the English countryside. So she can afford it, no doubt, but all of the English Lavender and Hot Springs at Bath will not make her a Duchess, and surely not make her a Lady!

Rather than spin off another tour at her age (and by that I mean her trying to be 25 at 55) she should just retire and enjoy it without making a further ass of herself!

From a Philadelphian who grew up in the 80's.

Anonymous said...

Kylie is big in London and Madonna tried to kiss ass to the Brits by wearing a short with Kylie minogue on it, now say that Kylie is a nobody. Plus Madonna is an expert copy cat who has a lot of copyright infringement on her name. You and your trashy comment

Anonymous said...