Saturday, February 18, 2012

Gossling's Wild Love

Unless you're one of those sad people that keeps their radio tuned to JJJ, chances are "Boys Like You" was your first taste of Gossling. Her feature on 360's - think Australia's answer to Professor Green - top 5 smash is brilliant but she raises the bar further on the follow-up. "Wild Love" is my new obsession and, with any luck, should be the track that propels Helen (her real name) from indie darling status to veritable pop phenomenon. Sounding a bit like Lana Del Rey on crack, Gossling explores a similarly dark and moody emotional landscape with her brooding melodies and elegant lyrics. The difference is that the Victorian chanteuse has an earthier quality to her music and a stronger pop sensibility. "Wild Love" is, quite simply, addictive as fuck. By the end of the second listen I was hooked and haven't stopped listening to it since. All she needs now is a memorable video and some radio airplay to breakthrough to the next level. The quality is already there. Gossling's EP "Intentional Living" drops on April 20. Check out the amazing lead single below and download it from iTunes now.

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This is great!