Sunday, February 19, 2012

Give Breezy A Break

To paraphrase the famous words of Chris Crocker - leave Breezy alone! The wave of anger and spite that followed his recent Grammy performance and subsequent win was as baffling as it was irrational. Chris Brown was tried and convicted by a court three years ago. He's on probation, completed community service and undergone counselling. The Grammy Awards are supposed to celebrate musical excellence but many people clearly wanted them to be used as a tool of additional punishment. Am I the only person that finds this twisted?

Breezy was asked to perform because he had another banner year commercially and artistically. He's arguably the biggest male pop star on the planet and deserved to be at an event showcasing the best in music. As for the controversy surrounding his victory, my only issue is that F.A.M.E. is about as R&B as Aphrodite. But it is a great album and he was due for win. When are people going to let it go and move on? Rihanna clearly has. Take into consideration the following:

- Britney threatened to blow her children's brains out with a shotgun before being carted away in a paddy wagon

- Brandy murdered someone with her car

- Michael Jackson may or may not have been a child rapist

- All of our faves have been up on drugs charges

And yet all of these stars have been forgiven and, in some instances, treated as victims. What is it about Chris that makes usually rational people bay for blood? I have a few theories:

1. It clearly annoys everyone but Team Breezy that the incident hardly affected his career. The hits kept coming and F.A.M.E. sold double his last album

2. Chris comes off very badly in interviews and his perceived arrogance makes him distinctly unlikeable

3. Women beaters are lumped with child molesters as the scum of the earth

The reality is probably a mixture of all three. I'm not going to sit here and apologise for Breezy because I think it's vile to assault another human-being even if it is Rihanna. However, Chris was 19 years old when he committed the offence and, according to all parties, it happened only once. He was also raised by a single mother, who he clearly adores, so I don't think he's a misogynist. I put the assault down to being young, spoiled and stupid. Hopefully he's learned his lesson.

As for his rumoured appearance on Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" - unbelievably tacky. Whether she likes it or not, the one-time hitmaker is the poster girl for battered women and inviting your attacker to jump on the remix of your latest sex jam is seriously fucked up. It's even worse if it doesn't eventuate. Using this unfortunate situation to promote a flop album is morally questionable to say the least.

While we wait to see if the shadiest duet of all time actually happens, check out Breezy's new single "Turn Up The Music" (below). I initially dismissed the song as a bad Taio Cruz rip-off but it's grown on me immeasurably and the video is a winner. Strike up another hit for pop's most hated man.


Jon said...

I personally can't bear the man or his type of music, but I agree with everything you say here. As for the over-publicised assault, I have said it before, and I'll say it again - how much was he goaded by that other "young, spoiled and stupid" creature Rhianna? We will never know, but I feel like slapping her on occasions. Jx

Me said...

I find it more disturbing that there are some really retarded slappers (male and female) out there that would be happy to be used as a punching bag by some celebrity simply because of the designer gear, tacky bling, fame by association and of course $$$ in the bank they will get...

Anonymous said...

Another example of double standards is someone like Boy George, who actually did a more similiar crime to what Chris Brown did than the celebrities you named. Unlike MJ he was proven guilty in a court of law and unlike Brandy he intentionally hurt another person, not accidently. Yet, he is embraced by the gay community, no one ever says he shouldn't be allowed to perform and he is never asked about his crime and unlike Chris Brown has never apologized or shown remorse for what he did.

noelster said...

this video is stunning and couldn't agree more. if riri can forgive him, that should be all that matters. the music industry has so many people like chris (ike turner, anyone?) that it's funny how pressed people get when he's onstage. i think more people would tolerate him if he had some media training and didn't come off as a grade a douche.

Bruce said...

I agree that #2 & #3 are the main reasons he's so utterly h8table. But don't forget #4: he's got a really ugly penis!! Yuck, have you seen that thing?

Anonymous said...

I dont care how talented he is, he should be banned from any awards show let alone getting an award. Have you not
read the details of that assult? It is brutal. As far as the other stars u listed that had problems, the were drimking or not taking their meds. Chris Brown was sober and CHOSE to physically harm someone. Brandy didnt get behind the wheel of a car and porposfully with the intent to kill. I actually like alot of his songs but wont support him. Lastly he has anger issues (duh he beat the shit out of a woman) and lashes out like a complete ass. If Rihamna is stupid to go back with him and he does it again then the bitch deserves it. I find it funny how the dixie chicks gets blacklisted for speaking out about a former president but Chris Brown can beat up a woman and is rewarded with album sales and awards. Tsk tsk

Anonymous said...

Britney's situation is not really fitting there. She is bi-polar, it is a mental illness. Was it a bad thing to say yes, but she was mentally ill and probably not properly medicated at the time. You don't forgive people for having other illness like cancer, so why should you have to forgive her for having a mental illness?

Anonymous said...

It's beyond tacky to spend almost an entire post absolving Chris Brown (he was young, he only brutally beat his girlfriend one time, he loves his mother) and then rake the woman whose eye socket he fractured over the coals for her behavior which might not even be true. It's an unfortunate fact that many abused women go back to their abusers, due to the dynamics of abusive relationships themselves. I don't even like Rihanna, but saying how badly she's behaving while letting her ex-boyfriend off the hook is ignorant and misguided.

Anonymous said...


Mike said...

Some interesting opinions!