Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Biebus Annoints Carly Rae Jepsen The Next Big Thing

NYE 2011 was a momentous occasion in Carly Rae Jepsen's life. On that date, Biebus parted the clouds and floated down from the heavens to lavish praise on her latest single "Call Me Maybe" - naming it "possibly the catchiest song ever" on Twitter. A couple of weeks later, Justin announced that Carly had been signed to his label and was now ready for Bieber-assisted superstardom. And the effect was immediate. The 26-year-old Canadian's perky pop anthem rocketed to #1 in her homeland and sold double platinum. So who is the chosen one?

It turns out Carly came third on Canadian Idol in 2007 and already has a moderately successful album behind her. I haven't heard any of her old material but I wouldn't mind checking it out if the standard is as high as "Call Me Maybe". This is a great record - think Jennifer Paige on ecstasy - and deserves to be massive. Amazingly, a couple of tweets from Justin and fellow saint Selegend was enough to propel the track into the Australian iTunes top 50 this week with no airplay. Carly needs to jump on a plane to Sydney today because her North American smash is on the verge of blowing up here.

Check out the cute clip below.


SirLordJ said...

Actually sort of amazing.

Brad said...

She just released a new 6 track EP in Canada called 'Curiosity'. Her songs are actually really nice. She's like Canada's answer to Taylor Swift, but with a more pop edge.

Anonymous said...

Love this!