Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bai Ling & The First Great Pop Song Of 2012

Acting legend Bai Ling has taken another step towards pop immortality by releasing her second consecutive era-defining club anthem. The star of classic films like The Crow and Crank: High Voltage stunned the world last year when her debut single "Rehab" killed the game with its brilliant lyrics about dancing with sober friends and Chinese chanting. I was lucky enough to interview the exquisite diva about her budding music career - it should be ready to print in the next couple of days - and she confided that the song was written and recorded in five hours. An amazing feat given that Bai admitted she needs help turning on her computer.

I'm not sure how long the eternally youthful 45-year-old spent on "U Touch Me I Don't U" but from the sound of it, I'm guessing every bit as long as her debut. If not a couple of minutes longer. This breathtaking gem finds the new Queen of C-pop philosophising on love in the digital age. The multi-talented renaissance woman writes "[the] statement I made in this song both in lyrics and music is what the contemporary modern music world need to hear, this is what the new young generation need to hear...Because my song paint a moving painting of the lives of our world today!!!"

And with cutting-edge lyrics about texting and Facebook, it's hard to disagree. I love the rawness of "U Touch Me I Don't Know U". From the bongo drums to the amazing homemade video (below) and artwork created with Microsoft Paint (above), this is the musical equivalent of gonzo porn. It's a gritty, in-your-face experience that makes you feel more like a participant than an observer. I'll let Bai have the last word(s): "Read and watch, yes I am challenge U to open your heart to be brave as you have ever been!!! This song is so simple like the fresh air wind and fire...So fresh yet So powerful..."

"U Touch Me I Don't Know U" is now available to download from iTunes internationally.


James F said...

Everyone should just surrender their wigs and quit trying. No one will ever be able to beat this defining masterpiece.

noelster said...

I always have to stop and remind myself that bai is a singer in addition to being an actress of unmatched talent! she'll alway be Achara from 'lost' to me! <3