Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A Tribute To The Legendary Keri Hilson

Miss Keri Baby turned 29 today (in dog years maybe) and I think it's only appropriate that we take a moment to reflect on the R&B legend's stunning legacy - like playing second fiddle to Nicole Scherzinger on "Scream" and that song she had with Kanye. How does she stay so relevant? To celebrate Skeri's amazing contribution to pop culture and endless string of non-charting singles, check out this breathtaking tribute video (below) that truly captures the essence of the pussy poppin' pioneer. My favourite moment is when she gets punched in the head by her own security guard. Could your fave?


Bruce said...

My fave could NEVER get punched in the head by her own security guard! So... Happy Birthday Keri?

JohnnyD said...

Poor Keri. Her career only sppears to exist to make Ciara and Nicole Shitzinger appear relevant and successful.

Anonymous said...

keri can write songs on her own. she will stay, no matter what.