Sunday, December 11, 2011

Shakira Just Annihilated Your Fave. Again.

A single strand of Shakira's magical unwashed bed hair contains more talent and charisma than your fave's entire body. This scientifically-proven fact is more apparent that usual in the video for her latest single "Antes De Las Seis". Filmed live in Paris, the stunning visual finds the 33-year-old pop icon channeling her inner Adele. She delivers a flawless vocal, wringing every ounce of emotion out of an already glorious ballad. The quirky diva then snatches every wig in the game when she starts spinning around like a crazy gypsy at the 2:30 minute mark. As usual, the song is turning out to be a smash in her key markets. For an album that fizzled in the English-speaking world (and wasn't even released in Australia), "Sale El Sol" is racing towards 4 million copies sold worldwide according to her fansite. That sounds a little inflated to me but it underlines how popular Shakira still is in countries with good taste. I'm more excited than ever about her live CD/DVD. That era-defining opus can't get here quick enough!


ShakiStan said...

have u heard her new french song? big in france!

Mike said...

No but I'll check it out ASAP!