Friday, December 09, 2011

Michelle Williams & The Worst Promo Campaign Of All Time

I love Michelle Williams and fully support her bid to steal Kelly Rowland's UK dance crown but "On The Run" has failed to dent the charts over there at all. Poor Tenitra just can't win. I put it down to bad luck and the British public's bad taste in divas until I was directed to an exchange between one of the German DJs behind the track and a desperate Destiny's Child fan on a music forum. What I read made me literally laugh out loud for ten minutes and then shake my head for the rest of the day. Electric Giant Beatz has implemented the world's worst promotional campaign - basically, they are hoping to make the song a hit by not letting anyone hear it! I'm serious. How did Michelle get involved with these jokers? She's a massive (gospel) star and has all those DC millions in the bank. There's no excuse for this mess. Read the following exchange and weep.

DC34ever: where is the video?

Electric Giant Beatz: The video is already released and powerplayed in the UK (MTV and all other stations) We will not put the full length video on YouTube due to copyright reasons. Video will be available for purchase soon on itunes and all other download portals.

Then another fan stepped in to be the voice of reason.

JonathanGardnerTV: That's a shame, it would be great promo to have the full video up on YT. All the music websites, blogs? etc... would post on a new (full) music video.

Electric Giant Beatz: ? Yes great promo and nobody would buy the track anymore if it's been giving out for free on YouTube......

Start shaking your heads, DC fans. It gets worse.

JonathanGardnerTV: Most people who do illegally download music don't get it off YouTube...someone tends to buy the song and then upload it to somewhere like mediafire in HQ. Posting the videos to "We Found Love" or "E.T." on YouTube hasn't stopped those songs being big, strong-selling, international smashes.

Electric Giant Beatz: Yes but illegal will be illegal and giving it away for free in the first place doesn't make it any better.

JonathanGardnerTV: ...but you're not "giving it away" by posting the full music video. That's what YouTube's for... if someone's going to download illegally they will, regardless of whether the music video is on YouTube or not. I just feel that not posting it will hinder the success of the song somewhat. Everyone's expecting a video "debut" that's not going to happen.

Electric Giant Beatz: Video is released on all Music tv stations in the UK. It will be released in any other country shortly before commercial release. Promo without product makes no sense..... Sorry about that but our team is working literally day and night on the worldwide release right now.

Can I hear a big WTF? Nobody buys music that has been put on YouTube? I just can't. Someone really needs to tell this breaking news to Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. They have been doing it wrong for all these years! And yet, they have hits while Michelle can't even reach the top 200 on UK iTunes. YouTube is an essential tool these days. You need teasers, lyric videos and full clips to keep the buzz growing. This is officially the dumbest approach to selling music I have ever heard. I'm surprised EGB even bothered sending the song to radio. What if someone recorded it? Sale lost! Enjoy the preview below. It's all you're going to see of "On The Run". What a wasted opportunity.


Dave said...

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS GUY ON ABOUT? Where has he been in the last 10 years? Seriously, Michelle - gurl - you know we are here stanning for you to handle yo' business, so please dismiss this simpleton.

I was wondering why they haven't uploaded the video. This is some ridiculous reasoning. Mike, I'm glad you called it out.

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Greetings from DC34ever...its me! :)

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Jonathan Gardner said...

Greetings from JonathanGardnerTV - LOL.

Thanks for this post. I totally co-sign!