Thursday, December 01, 2011

Luciana Jumps To Her Next Hit

Luciana has only been back in LA for a couple of days but the inventor of electro-shouting is already back at work, filming the video of her next European single "Jump". The track is aimed squarely at the lucrative Italian dance market but I think this has huge crossover potential. Perhaps even more than "Pop My Trigger" and "Wicked Workout" - songs that have already been earmarked as future Australian/American releases. Think "We No Speak Americano" meets "I Like That" with a splash of "Mambo No. 5" thrown in for good measure. Yes, it's that amazing! And with full DJ support from the likes of David Guetta and Bob Sinclar, "Jump" should be heating up dancefloors around the world for months to come. Fingers crossed for a hot video. The preview (below) doesn't give much away but the dance diva looks fresh and fabulous despite her arduous trek through New South Wales and China. In case you're wondering who the guys are - here's the tea. The shirtless hunk is her real husband, the hottie with the moustache is her gay husband/stylist and the sexy specimen on the right is his boyfriend. The Cube Boy's catchy anthem is already available to download from Australian iTunes. Make sure you buy "I'm Still Hot" (and its amazing remixes) while you're at it!

Jump - Video Preview

Jump - Audio


Matt said...

cool song!

Me said...

Saffron's swagga jakka has excellent taste in men

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