Sunday, December 11, 2011

International Diva Update

With the end of the year looming and my annual 'best of' festival on the horizon, I thought I should try to cover as much music as possible before being completely swamped. So here are three posts rolled into one! And happily, there's even a common theme - all of these exquisite divas sing in a foreign language and were born some time around the discovery of electricity. The first track that you need to hear belongs to 50-year-old pop icon Mylène Farmer. "Du Temps" is the lead single from her latest greatest hits compilation and, as you would expect from the French Madonna, it's completely age-inappropriate dance trash. I am still obsessed with Mylène's "Bleu Noir" album but I feel that this is something of a disappointment. Don't get me wrong. It's a lot of fun but the darkness and beauty of her recent work is missing. I guess a bitch can't be deep and meaningful all the time! Anyway, the video finds the ageless Queen of clubs struggling to do bad choreography - so it's completely defining. Please tell me this will be released physically in France because my Mylène collection needs a new addition.

Next up is Mexican pop icon Paulina Rubio. I really can't believe I haven't featured this stunning goddess on my blog before now. After all, she's been one of my faves since "Don't Say Goodbye" became an unexpected top 20 Australian hit way back in 2002. Since then she's been busy ruling the Latin pop scene and took some time out to start a family. The 40-year-old stunner clearly has her eye on Belinda's Mexican pop crown because she roped in the big guns for her new single. "Me Gustas Tanto" was produced by RedOne and sounds like something Kat DeLuna recorded in 2007. Yes, it's that amazing! I love every second of this hot mess and think it should be a worldwide number one smash. If only she spent as much money on the video. Basically, Pau wears a couple of really bad wigs and looks like she fell into a vat of glitter. You just know Thalia is currently watching the clip on repeat in a jealous rage!

Last and least, is flawless Ukrainian pop diva Kamaliya. Her biggest claim to fame is winning the 2008 Mrs World contest - basically a flop beauty pageant for middle-aged married women! I'm sure she slayed the field. After all, she bears a striking resemblance to Stifler's mum. But I digress. "Crazy In My Heart" was supposed to Kamaliya's all-conquering UK debut but something tells me it didn't work out because I'm yet to see her on any chart. Her website proudly boasts that the song was remixed by Digital Dog and Buzz Junkies, so hopefully it becomes a club smash. To be honest, I kind of love it. Most Eurovision contestants would draw the line at releasing something this camp! The video is even more over the top. She rolls around in water and wears the rattiest black wig this side of Bankstown. In other words, it's an era-defining masterpiece. Watch in awe below.


Anonymous said...

You have yet to see her on any chart because Kamaliya's single has not yet been released in the UK. It likely will not chart, but do some research before you post. The single has been out for a while in UKR but it drops later this month in the UK. And her biggest claim to fame is actually arguably marrying a multi-millionaire publishing magnate in Kiev.

Anonymous said...

But loved what you wrote about Paulina....that's a good song!

Anonymous said...

Mylène's (attempt at) dancing is much better than her just sitting on her arse during the whole video, as per the 'Oui Mais... Non' borefest. Oh and the song isn't that bad when you consider it's a throwaway track from a compilation and she has a new album due next spring so is hardly going to put a masterpiece on here.

Anonymous said...

Thalia does not have a pint of jealousy about Paulina Rubio. It's obvious that you don't know the Latin music scene's developments lately. Well, I have to inform you that this song, since its release last September 5, only charted this week at #30 at Billboard. Her recent album debuted at #5, falls at #16 then this week at #28 at AMPROFON Mexico. Meanwhile, Thalia with her recent and first acoustic album got Diamond + 3x Platinum (480K) in her hometown Mexico. That doesn't even outsell Paulina Rubio's two latest albums, Gran City Pop (30K) and Brava (less than 5K) in Mexico. So better research first re:posts so you don't be criticized heavily like I and the first who commented above did.

Anonymous said...

And let me say again that Paulina Rubio has still this raging envy to Thalia. She even sang a part of the Thalia/Michael Buble duet (Surprised? yes, Buble handpicked Thalia for a Spanish song in this season's #1 album and Thalia's a part of it) in a Christmas special held in a TV network recently. Now, who really has this "jealous rage", huh? Let me remind you that Paulina Rubio is so over in the Latin music scene. Good thing the rhythms of her songs save her, but man, never in Latin America admire this crap for her voice when heard live. You just want her to shut up

Anonymous said...

Yeah very much agree. Paulina even said when she was in Spain that this would probably her last album and now ready to retire.

This talentless diva wannabee should stop now. She's always playing safe with her music. Same style, nothing new. Thanks to her record company and they can make on the top spot before. But not now.

The war is over, Thalia is still the queen of Latin Pop.