Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why 'Dance For You' Is The Worst Video Of The '4' Era

Before I get into why "Dance For You" is the first visual fail of the "4" era, I would like to qualify this post by reminding everyone that Bey's film noir adventure is just a random clip for a song on her DVD anthology. It's not a random international release like "Love On Top" or even a buzz single like "1+1". The fact that Queen B took time out from running the world to make it at all is blessing and I definitely wasn't expecting a big budget or mind-blowing choreography. But I hoped the video would suit the song and fit within the "4" era's classy aesthetic. Unfortunately, it disappoints on both counts.

"Dance For You" is one of my favourite songs on the album. I still can't believe it was wasted as a bonus track and think it could have been a single if edited down from its distinctly un-radio friendly 6:17 minute running time. For me, The-Dream's lush mid-tempo ballad sums up what "4" is all about - a blissful declaration of love and loyalty. Everything about it makes me melt. Which is probably why I'm so annoyed by the plot, which basically involves Bey walking into a room and dancing like a stripper for a guy who I assume is her client. Some fans are convinced it's her man but I think this sleazy douchebag paid for the show! Then there's the choreography. I thought Beyoncé had evolved past shameless pussy-popping. Her other videos have been effortlessly sexy without being slutty, while this is the kind of thing Rihanna would do if she was attractive and could dance.

On the bright side, I love the black and white photography and the 16-time Grammy winner looks absolutely beautiful. You can tell this was filmed after the other videos because she looks distinctly more voluptuous. Also props for the stunning use of multiple wind machines and the genuinely sexy choreography from about the 3:15 minute mark. This isn't a bad video. It's just a disappointing fit for an exquisite anthem that could have ended my favourite Bey era on a high note. Now bring on that Live DVD so I can return to my usual stanning.



tommie said...

First out the oven……… Behoooooooce cuz it been a whole lot of gossip about you stealing the Queen’s video! You get it from ya pappy..Matthew stole from you and know you stealing from me…. Now since when you been wrapping your tired, thew and delayed weave up and getting your crusty toe nails polished………Poolside like the QUEEN???? If you were gone steal the Queen’s moves, you could’ve at least called me for the video! Why did you take Andre 3000 out of the video? J Cole….. HATED IT! Anyway, I did see y’all finally got Solange out of jail! She even had tracks all the down her back, I barely recognized her back there DJing……… I guess I had to buy 6 packs of Indian Remy hair just to be in the video? I’m soooooooooooo glad you took the Queen’s advice and had all of Matthew’s daughters in the video and can’t wait to see your daughter and your lil brother in the next video! Lol…….That bitch is done…… Now, pull her ass out of the OVEN!!! Its’s a girl…….Jay-Z needs to name her Khia!!!!!

Beykeeper said...

i think this is the best from 4 era!

Johnny D said...

I wish Solange would hurry up and have Beys baby so this era can end. How many of these middling songs and cheapo film clips must we endure?

John said...

I love how Beyonce freely admits she makes videos for $381 by letting you see the "wind machine" in the video! Go on with yo budget-conscious self!