Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Who Runs YouTube?

"Run The World (Girls)" has just passed 100,000,000 views on YouTube. Swallow that bitter pill, haters! While not a record by any means - Justin Bieber's "Baby" has been viewed 600,000,000+ times - more people have tuned in to watch Bey's Tofo Tofo dance and growling hyenas than Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" or Britney's "Hold It Against Me". Not bad for a song that only reached #29 in America. This is further proof for me that the schizophrenic jam was ahead of its time. People just couldn't get their head around it but were fascinated enough to keep coming back for more. Which explains why it's still hanging around iTunes all these months later and creeping towards a platinum certification in the States. Re-live the wonder of a goddess at the top of her game below.


tommie said...

... and yet, it doesn't mean a damn thing. Run The World remains a STINKING VILE FLOP and Beyoncé remains at the bottom of the Hot 100.

She should just go home and be an aunt to that baby Solange is about to give birth to.

Otto said...

such an underrated song! glad its being acknowledged now

D'luv said...

*Cut to Solange and Michelle in the Knowles sweat shop, rocking back and forth with foam pouring out of their mouths, eyes rolled up into their heads, hitting replay over and over and over as a whip cracks above them*

This song was a flop for a reason. Still mad?

Johnny D said...

You know it's a flop campaign when the fans start relying on You Tube views instead of chart positions or record sales.

To update Bey's news in the real wold, Love On Top's highest chart position in Australia is 19, and in the US Hot 100, Party is at 75.

Flop Album. Flop singles. Flop videos and Flop Baby.

Rihanna said...

im so jealous!

Tristan said...

You are soooo deluded.