Monday, November 07, 2011

Traci Lords' Last Drag

Traci Lords is back with new music! A stunning turn of events that will no doubt overshadow Madonna's comeback and force poor Rihanna into retirement. The underage-porn-star-turned-cult-actress is a true underground pop icon. Her 1995 opus "1000 Fires" remains one of my favourite dance albums of that decade and has rightly won a loyal following due to the 43-year-old's unusually dark and depressing lyrics. "Fallen Angel", in particular, holds up as brilliantly evocative anthem. One listen and I'm back holding a glow stick at a rave party!

Traci gave up on music in the mid-'90s to concentrate on acting but has released a couple of singles over the years, including a cute interpretation of Missing Persons' "Walking In L.A." - a song which Margo also covered last year. After a four year hiatus, the star of John Waters' Cry-Baby is back with "Last Drag". The track finds Traci in an unusually mainstream mood with a catchy pop/rock chorus and amazing smoking metaphors. I love it and am pleased to hear that it's already a #46 Billboard club smash. Take a listen to "Last Drag" below and download the soundtrack of Summer 2012 from iTunes now.


tommie said...

I always forget that Australia is stupid backwards land.

This'll be my snowy glowy ravey winter anthem.

Bruce said...

I think this track is so hot that it will bring summer to the northern hemisphere simultaneously!

I hope the music video is a crushing fetish video with a giant Traci stepping on cigarette butts in super high heels.

Mike said...

I think Traci is too poor for all that. The video will just be her on chat roulette.

Anonymous said...

the video is out!! and directed by Zalman King!

Jamie B said...

How the Jo Blow did I miss this, TRACI!!!! So excited.