Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Stan & Jessica's Blockbuster Video

A couple of days ago I posted the cover of Jessica and Stan's awesome duet and today the video arrived. Ever since "Get Em Girls" did for green Lycra what Jaws did for swimming, I'm kind of terrified when J Malley drops a new clip. They always seem to go horribly wrong and spoil an otherwise great song. Happily, Sony stretched the diva's budget to four figures this time around and "Galaxy" is largely inoffensive. I'm not sure about that peach dress or the cheap floating crystals but I like the red moon and meteors.

More importantly, Stan is there for eye candy and he works his trademark chest clap for extra emotional impact. They look so cute together! And after seeing them perform the song on tonight's X Factor, I'm even more excited about their joint tour. The current King and Queen of Aus Idol sounded great and I loved their pared back version of "Galaxy". This is a good song and deserves to be a big hit. The ballad is rocketing up iTunes - #14 at present - so, mission accomplished.


Johnny D said...

I do appreciate that they've kept it classy on such a tight budget. I mean, this campaign - 2 pop stars and yet not enough money to afford a second outfit. They wear the exact same clothes on X Factor performance. Good on them though, this duet can't hurt either of them.

discodevil said...

Acording to the Gay bandana code, Stan is a Heavy S&M top using a Black bandana in his left pocket. lol.

Anonymous said...

Up to #5!