Saturday, November 05, 2011

Luciana Heats Up Newcastle

A lot has happened since Luciana last blessed us with a visit. "I Like That" continued to make waves internationally long after it had achieved double platinum status in Australia and she featured on a bunch of well-received floorfillers - most notably Lethal Bizzle & Nick Bridges' "Go Go Go", which charted on the back of Neon Stereo's popular remix and Nari + Milani's amazing "I Got My Eye On U". And then came "I'm Still Hot". A number one US club smash and pop culture curiosity thanks to the camp-as-tits re-make with Betty White. That killer tune has also led the Queen of Electro back to our shores. With no real promotion or radio airplay, "I'm Still Hot" has surprised everyone by rocketing up Australian iTunes and, with a bit of luck, could turn out to be the much-loved dance diva's next crossover hit.

Given the buzz surrounding Luci's latest anthem, I wasn't surprised to find the King Street Hotel in Newcastle packed to the rafters last night. It was worth the two hour drive from Sydney just to see the punters' reaction when she hit the floor for a pre-show boogie! At around midnight she crammed into the tiny DJ booth and delivered a typically brilliant set. Mrs Clow began with an awesome rendition of "I Got My Eye On You" - easily one of my favourites singles of 2010. The song never got the love it deserved over here, which still annoys me. Next up was the evergreen "Yeah Yeah", followed by the track of the hour - "I'm Still Hot". I loved hearing it live for the first time and witnessing a small army of pissed girls chanting the lyrics bodes well for its future success. Luciana then closed the show "I Like That", almost falling out of the DJ booth with her broken doll dance moves. That song is still a shot of pure electro-adrenaline and almost tore the roof down.

Make sure you head along to Nevermind tonight. Luci will be performing at the final Disagraceland and I'm sure they plan to go out with a bang! If you can't make it or just need another dose of dance music royalty, watch "I'm Still Hot" below and download it from iTunes now.

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Me said...

Its good too see Saffron's swagga jakka having some success!