Monday, November 28, 2011

Lorie Returns With A Flawless Pop Anthem

I don't get to write about it very often but I love French pop music. And while Queen Mylène still reigns supreme en France, I've always had a soft spot for her one-time rival Lorie. Often likened to Britney Spears due to her teenage success and dubious talent, the now 29-year-old has returned to the studio after an extended break to pursue a career in acting. She did quite well, scoring a role on The Young and the Restless as a fashion model but it was always going to be downhill after reaching that pinnacle and a music comeback beckoned.

"Dita" was released a couple of months ago - I'm very late on this - and I have no idea if it was a success or not. The feedback on YouTube is disconcerting but I love it. This is icy electro-pop at its most sophisticated and lovely. Sure, it probably helps that I can't understand the majority of the lyrics but it's very catchy and I'm really looking forward to her 6th studio album "Regarde Moi". Only time will tell if it's as triumphant as Mylène's "Bleu Noir" but I'm hopeful it will re-establish her as one of France's biggest pop stars. Watch her gorgeous "Dita" video below. It shocks me that Europe is still producing film clips of this quality, while American labels often can't be bothered at all.


Jamie said...

I hope you've checked out Mylene's new one Du Temps. It belongs in the gayest discotheque in Paris. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I love this!!!

Mike said...

No, Jamie. I didn't know that. Will check out ASAP!!