Saturday, November 19, 2011

La Toya Answers Our Prayers

Since becoming the most relevant and successful Jackson, La Toya has been on a roll. Her tireless work on the talk-show circuit single-handedly brought Michael's murderer to justice, she charmed Cardiff with one of the greatest mimed live performances of all time and now delivers us the holy grail of her discography on CD. Yes, Toy Soldiers - I'm talking about "Imagination"! The iconic diva's fourth studio album was only released on vinyl. And unlike her mega-selling #149 smash "Heart Don't Lie", it sank without a trace and is next to impossible to find. How exciting then that the re-release even comes with bonus tracks!


1. He's A Pretender
2. On A Night Like This
3. How Do I Tell Them
4. Imagination
5. Baby Sister
6. Imagination
7. Love Talk
8. Boys Got Somethin' Girls Ain't Got

Bonus Tracks

9. Imagination - Hot Dance Mix
10. Imagination - Dub Mix
11. Baby Sister - Instrumental Version
12. Imagination - 7" Remix

I adore every song on "Imagination". Toy Toy's version of "He's A Pretender" is '80s pop perfection, while the calypso-tinged "On A Night Like This" brings visions of sunny island paradise and "Boys Got Something Girls Ain't Got" more than lives up to its amazing title. However, the album is best know for La Toya's stunning Janet diss "Baby Sister". The critically acclaimed anthem - it won the Outstanding Song Award at the 16th Annual World Popular Song Festival in Japan! - is toygasmic from beginning to end. Listen to it below and order your copy of the re-release today. I just hope we don't crash the label's server with all our orders.


Diva Incarnate said...

I've got this album!!

I was going to review it, but I just couldn't find the WORDS.

Bruce said...

Toytastic news of course.... but where's Weak Spot?!!?! Wasn't that on Imagination?
"I think you're after my weak spot, it's a real cheap shot!"
I wonder why that was left off...

I think we need to demand that La Toya tours in support of the 25th Anniversary re-release of Imagination, especially after her Cardiff success. Janet could come out each show just to sing backup on "Baby Sister".

tommie said...

@Bruce - well, Weak Spot was originally track #6 and Imagination is listed twice, so I think it's just a tracklisting mistake.

Mike said...

Knowing Toy, it wouldn't surprise me at all if she released an album with the same track twice. LOL!

Fernando said...

that video is twice as fun when you know the story behind those TIGHT BLUE JEANS!

michael said...

Woo, thanks!

Anonymous said...