Thursday, November 17, 2011

Korean Diva Jacks Luciana's Swagger

Seo In Young is on the fast track to becoming my new K-Pop fave. As if the scandal surrounding her ever-changing nose wasn't fabulous enough, Korea's plastic angel has endeared herself to me even further by ripping off Luciana's "I Like That" on her latest single. Which not only reveals exquisite taste in dance divas but also a willingness to embrace electro. Two characteristics I greatly admire. And while "Oh My Gosh" isn't quite as good as Luci's floorfiller, it is something of a jam. I love the brutal beats and her spitfire delivery. The video is cool too. Extra points for the random animation and fishermen in business suits but can someone please explain why she's dancing with the Ku Klux Klan? Anyway, fingers crossed it's a hit. The former Jewelry singer has been absent from the charts for a couple of years and that stunning nose is too good to waste on a has-been!


Bruce said...

Oh my trash!

Luciana needs an international intellectual property lawyer... stat!

"Men always poke at us first and then wipe their mouths and take off" is the lyric of the year.

Mike said...

LOL you should check out her song "Cinderella". I think you'd love it.

discodevil said...

It’s nice that she is so proud of her c*nt.
She is singing “Oh My Gash” isn’t she?