Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Double Dose Of Beyoncé Live

Queen B dropped two live videos today to promote her soon-to-be-released "Live At Roseland" DVD. Needless to say both are flawless demonstrations in wig snatching but I have a huge problem with the "End Of Time" clip. Why is footage from Glastonbury spliced into it? I was lucky enough to be at her first Roseland concert and it was breathtaking from beginning to end. There's no need to cut other performances into it. Hopefully they just jazzed up "End Of Time" so it can be used as the world's cheapest official video at a later date because I will be inconsolable if they use this on the DVD. It's so unnecessary it almost defies belief. Apart from that, it's must-see material:

While "End Of Time"gives me the shits, I have spent the past 5 or 6 hours watching "I Was Here" on repeat. This triumph is giving me life. From the heartfelt vocal to the home movies, this the muscal equivalent of Beaches. Bey has been at this her whole life. Happily for her, practice did make perfect. Watch history below.


tommie said...

How many videos has she released now? And still no hit.

Who does this bitch think she is? K-Row? She wishes!

Mike said...

Honey, it's a DVD preview not a video. Check your English/Swedish dictionary to understand the difference. Next!

B.B.Homewrecker said...

well I checked the dictionary and it says "Beyonce:. noun, trashy, thief, liar, disgusting"

Thanks for the advice on the dictionary Mike =)

noelster said...

cannot wait to get my hands on this dvd. i'm sure my framed pic of madonna will have to leave the room for a quick minute, tho, because it looks amazing.