Sunday, November 20, 2011

Beyoncé Notches Up 3rd Platinum Single From '4'

Australia is quickly turning into one of Beyoncé's biggest markets. This week King B racks up her third consecutive platinum single with "Love On Top" passing 75,000 downloads sold. I actually think the song would have performed even better if it got an official digital release with the video edit and/or Mike Rizzo remix but it's hard to knock another top 20 hit. That raises the question of Bey's next Australian single. I asked Sony that very question when I interviewed Stan Walker on Friday and was told that it's still up in the air. However, they confirmed it wouldn't be "Countdown". They also let slip that "Dance For You" would be serviced to TV next week in the same way that "Countdown" and "1+1" were (ie. without being officially released as singles). Perhaps if it proves popular they might change their mind. After all, there are no other videos to choose from! And, in many ways, "Dance For You" picks up where "Love On Top" left off - with a killer old-school groove and seriously loved-up lyrics. Who cares if the dreamy anthem goes for 7 minutes? Radio will deal!


tommie said...

Wow, they've now realised there's no hits on the main album so they're going for the bonus tracks? Tragic.

Johnny said...

Yet strangely, if you look at the Australian album chart - 4lop is still only Gold (35,000) after 7 or eight singles and 21 weeks in the charts.

tommie said...

^ Wow, that's just dire. Poor Beyawnce. Even in her currently biggest market 4flop doesn't sell that well, does it?