Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Best Thing To Come Out Of Sweden - EVER!

Sweden and fine pop music go together like La Toya and publicity whoring, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that the best advertising jingle of all time has been penned for a Scandinavian weight loss product. Words can not express how obsessed I am with this mess. The clip has only racked up 1,000 views on YouTube and I'm sure at least half of them were me. It needs to be released as a single today! My favourite line? "It's loaded with minerals and electrolytes, so you can look great in those cute new tights!" RIP Saturdays. Those boring cunts could never.


Bruce said...

How do you say "Fantanas knock-off" in Swedish?

tommie said...

^ Fantanas kopia.

Best ad ever. Is this real? Like really real?

Mike said...

Yes, it's real and completely amazing!