Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Zowie's Smashing New Single

I can't believe this is the first time I've featured Zowie on the blog. "Broken Machine" was one of my favourite songs from last year and I'm always ranting about her on Twitter. The Kiwi diva is making huge waves in the music world with her unique blend of retro-synth pop and electro. Think Ladyhawke meets Luciana to get some idea of her sound. Or, better yet, just check out "Smash It" - the fourth (by my count) buzz single from her forthcoming debut album. The perky party anthem took a couple of listens to click with me but now I'm completely obsessed. I love the infectious chorus and Jimmy Harry's deceptively layered production. The hype surrounding this chick is definitely justified. And while "Smash It" is probably not the radio smash Zowie needs for mainstream success, it cements her status as one of pop's hottest emerging talents. For more proof, check out the video (below). Those Lady Gaga shoulder spikes belong in the nearest bin but the rest of this stylish extravaganza is bang on the money. More please!


Brett said...

she's never gonna happen!

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