Monday, October 31, 2011

A Song For Anyone With Broken Gaydar

Simone Battle was recently booted off US X Factor and dropped her debut single the very next day. That's all I know about her. But I'm hungry to learn more after hearing her unique lover-turned-fag hag anthem "He Likes Boys". Poor Simone sings about her frustrating relationship, delivering comedy gold with lines like "guess it is kind of odd that he's such a big fan of Lady Gaga" and "my gaydar needs some inspection". She's not alone if all the bi-curious married men polluting Oxford Street are any indication.

The budding diva finally comes to grips with the situation, declaring "it's a love story with a twist - I found myself a new gay best friend!" Yes, the track is all kinds of stupid. Albeit no worse than Katy Perry's "Ur So Gay". The only difference is that "He Likes Boys" is sweet-natured and cute, which makes the hate difficult to comprehend. A lot of gay commentators are ridiculing the song for perpetuating stereotypes but I say get a life. I'd take Simone's inane ramblings over Lady Gaga's pompous "Born This Way" any day of the week. This goes out to anyone who has ever got the wrong end of the stick. So to speak.


John said...

She's a hot mess. Go back and watch her performances from the early stages of X Factor. Simon was going for sex over talent. Which means this track will probably be big.

tommie said...

In all honesty - UR So Gay was far more offensive than this hot mess.

The main thing critism about this song seems to be that "NOT ALL GAY MEN WATCH DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES AND LISTEN TO LADY GAGA", but in all honesty, a lot of gay men do. Katy's song more or less seems to be about "gay" as a negative, while this seems to be more about a girl being completely oblivious about obvious signs.