Friday, October 21, 2011

The Return Of Amy Pearson

It's the news that millions of pop fans around the globe have been waiting for - Amy Pearson has blessed us with a new single! Two years have passed since "Butterfingers" killed her career but the big-lunged diva has kept busy writing songs for colleagues like Zoë Badwi. Well, the British import is finally ready to move on from her glorious ode to anal-probing. Ms Pearson jazzes up DEVolution's new single with her powerful pipes, helping "Good Love" climb the ARIA club chart. It's a great song and I hope it returns Amy to the lower reaches of the top 40 but why isn't she credited as the feature artist? And why is her lovely visage missing from the film clip? I'm not here to watch some teenage slut dance for her boyfriend when I could be soaking in the face of an angel. Obviously, the producers were worried that her magnetic charisma would be distracting for viewers. And they could be right. In any case, I'm just happy she's back. Close your eyes and imagine Amy getting her butterfingers in a twirl to the uplifting synths of "Good Love" (below).

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Brett said...

they probably dont want anyone to know amy is involved because she would be the kiss of death