Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Luciana & Betty White's Hot Video

I can't believe it's finally here! The video for the post-menopausal version of "I'm Still Hot" just dropped and it's positively sizzling. Luciana has never looked better - despite wearing her trademark STD (Short T-Shirt Dress)! - and Betty White continues to prove why she is the coolest woman alive. The set-up is pretty simple. Everyone's favourite Golden Girl feeds cheesecake to a bunch of half-naked muscle men, while the Queen of clubs hangs out with her dancers and just looks fucking hot. After that they eat cake in a limo and discuss life insurance. As you do. It's a big, beautiful dose of tongue-in-cheek fun that works as a commercial and as a music video. The original version of "I'm Still Hot" is officially released in Australia on Friday, so watch this piping hot mess to get you in the mood. Luciana will be in Sydney at the end of the month to promote the song with her fourth tour in two years. Can't wait!


John said...

So Betty's trying to take life insurance policies away from retirees? Who knew? The scene in the back of the limo makes this all worthwhile, but now I need to go back and listen to the original.

Bruce said...

Yes, John! When you look past the Beloved Television Icon, cheesecaaaaake and muscle queens... it's kind of a $leazy operation they're promoting!

I'm just glad my grandmother has no idea how to search youtube and isn't into Aussiepop.

Oh well, at least Betty gets a bonus plug in for her beloved LA zoo.

Mike said...

I'm not here for the finer points of insurance, people!

Me said...

50mm, NWA, feminem and Snoop just got their weaves, pimp canes and stash SNATCHED by an OAP! How EMBARRASSING for them!