Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Love On Top - Video Review

Before reviewing Beyoncé's latest video triumph, I think I should try to explain the "4" campaign - if that's even possible - because a lot people have been asking me why there are so many videos. Here goes:

1. Run The World (Girls) - First Single
2. Best Thing I Never Had - Second Single
3. 1 + 1 - Random Promo Video
4. Countdown - Third US Single (Pop)
5. Love On Top - Third Aus/NZ Single
6. Party - Third US Single (R&B/Urban)

It's all a bit confusing but as far as Australia is concerned, "Love On Top" is currently the focus. Which makes today's video release rather timely given the song's top 20 position on iTunes - mainly on the back of radio airplay. So has Queen B delivered another era-defining visual masterpiece to assist her latest smash-in-waiting? The short answer is no. Has she dropped a fun clip that still slays your fave with its good-natured simplicity? Yep.

As I hinted in my "Love On Top" preview post, this is a cheap and cheerful affair. The clip looks like it was filmed on Solange's iPhone with a $10 budget but that is part of its considerable charm. The no frills approach suits the song's retro-sound and puts the emphasis back on the music. An approach that admittedly would end the careers of non-singers like Rihanna and Britney. However, in Bey's talented hands, it works a treat. I love the cute dance routine and the Earth Wind & Fire-tastic costume changes. That final outfit is visual Viagra and her hair-whipping at the end will be copied by drag queens for decades to come.

And now for the haters because they love my blog:

1. Bey uses a microphone. I believe this has been done before.
2. There is a boyband theme. Again, boybands existed prior to this clip.
3. This is an obvious nod to New Edition and Boyz II Men. Who also danced in an empty room.
4. She is wearing a leather cap. Homosexuals did this first.
5. Kylie also spent no money on her "Better Than Today" clip.
6. Beyoncé wears a top hat and tails, which clearly copies every woman who has ever appeared on Broadway in the past 100 years.
7. She breathes air in this clip. An activity previously captured on film.



John said...

I'm bored...aren't there any other videos?

The Universal Love of La Toya said...

Stepping up with Beyonce Knowles.

Temptation step!

Anonymous said...

hahahahahahah. Love this post.

Johnny D said...

Wow. Can't believe the day has come where Kelly Rowland's video's have a bigger budget.

Brett said...

lmao @ the h8tr top 7!

eBey said...

Cheapest video Ive ever seen. You're so fucking biased its insane. If RiRi or Britney came up with such cheap video for a song that is supposedly "especial" and "personal" to bey u would tear them down calling them every name under the sun. But of course you chose to be biased towards this SHITTY video which is a reflection of your SHITTY biased person. Whatever rocks your boat right. Anyway the song sucks and I'm done with seeing her boobs shaking the WHOLE video. And then people think she's all virginal. gurl PLEASE. Stop this nonsense and wake the fuck up!

oBEY said...

great review! keep the haters pressed! lol

Zaneh said...

THIS JUST SHOWS : You Don't Need An Money to buy CLASS.

Simple video to an amazing song!

Mike said...

Zaneh - you have exquisite taste and should follow me on Twitter!

Zaneh said...

I already am :-)


Me said...

Indeed money cannot buy class (or originality)- which is why STEALyonce has NONE of either!

Fertility Rites said...

Why can't Beyoncé sell any more singles? Because nobody likes them any more. Past it.

Angel vs Devil said...

Keep taking the medication.

Your beloved Beyonce steals, cheats, burgles, pillages, embezzles, lifts, pilfers, swipes, pirates, takes, pinches, thieves, snitches, nicks, loots, purloins, rifles, defrauds, misappropriates, swindles and rips off.

Daniel said...

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