Monday, October 10, 2011

Love On Top - A Tribute To La Toya

Christmas came early yesterday. Not only did Sunday Night - a dire Australian current affairs program - screen an interview with Beyoncé, they also debuted her "Love On Top" video. Well, a 90 second preview. Not that I'm complaining. I almost choked on a Tim Tam when the clip started. We all know there are videos for "Party" and "End Of Time" gathering dust on Bey's hard drive but I honestly doubted the existence of this one. Surely it would have made more sense to release it straight after the VMAs. You know, when the song was top 10 on iTunes. But better late than never. After overcoming the shock, I had a stunning epiphany. "Love On Top" is clearly a tribute to fellow pop icon La Toya Jackson. It makes sense. They are both peerless beauties, powerhouse vocalists and big in Poland. Furthermore, Bey said that "4" was inspired by R&B legends like Prince and Stevie Wonder. She obviously just forgot to mention Toy Toy. Here are 5 undeniably compelling reasons why "Love On Top" is a moving homage to the thinking man's Jackson.

1. That cap

This was a dead giveaway. When you think about cap wearing mega-stars, who automatically springs to mind? La Toya Jackson. The raven-haired goddess made leather caps the ultimate fashion trend of the 1980s for gay men and soul singers. I'm so glad Bey is bringing it back!

2. Breathtaking choreography

One look at La Toya's "Bad Girl" video (above) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that she is the true dancing machine of the Jackson clan. So naturally the most successful artist of the millennium threw in a compelling routine to honour Toy's ground-breaking contribution to modern dance.

3. The Motown sound

"Love On Top" harks back to the sweet soul of Motown - a genre synonymous with La Toya. Listen to her exquisite cover of "Stop In The Name Of Love" if you require further convincing.

4. Her outfit

I thought Bey's leotard looked familiar. She was obviously rifling through Matthew's old VHS collection and found a well-used copy of Toy's Playboy video. The resemblance is uncanny!

5. The low-budget production

Seriously, the only thing cheaper than "Love On Top" is Toy Toy's exquisite "(Ain't Nobody Loves You) Like I Do". And like that 80s classic, the visual fits the song perfectly and still slays all your faves. The end.

Watch in awe as Bey tackles Toy's legacy below.


tommie said...

OMG! I can't believe she copied Queen Toy Toy and didn't give her credit! We should all boycott this evil copy machine now!

Diva Incarnate said...

Well she's been ripping LaToya off for years just by going white.

Thank god the whole world is too busy listening to Startin Over to notice KFC's number 1 client once again looking desperate and fat.

The only thing Beyonce hasn't stolen is her cellulite.

Anonymous said...

to be honest i dont think latoya was the inspiraton for this clip

Bruce said...

OMG all Beystans and ToyToybloggers are SLAYED with post!

Don't forget the set looks like the Step It Up workout video! When LaToya worked on it once.

It also reminds me of the New Edition "if it isnt' love" video as perhaps a secondary inspiration to LaToya.

Anonymous said...

DivaIncarnate. Your comment reeked of racism. This is such a treat for Toy Toy and King Bey Stans.

Anonymous said...

she's also riffing Jane Fonda's mid-80's workout vids

Brett said...

i hate you for making me like beyonce!

FanOfLatoya said...

Wow! Its so cute B trying to be like ToyToy! But dang she couldve at least given our girl credit! Stealing her swagg and not even mentioning her name...tragic B! But atleast we know Toy's swagg when we see it! No one can rock it like Toy! Glad to see B taking notes! :) Mwah! Xoxo

michael said...

I also thought of that New Edition video. I suspect Beyonce did that for subtlety.

Mike said...

DEAD @ some of these comments. I think my sense of humour is lost on some people.

k-rowboy93 said...

bey is such a fl0p kopykat

illBurMOTIVATION said...

Kelly is so mch better than Bey. shes an orignal

John said...

It doesn't just RESEMBLE the New Edition video, it IS the New Edition video. Killin' me! Can't the girl break down and get a choreographer?

Me said...

I'm amazed it took STEALyonce so long to pilfer from the Pope Of Pop!

Peter said...

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