Monday, October 03, 2011

La Toya's New Girlband!

Mentoring upcoming performers is the hottest trend in pop music. It's easy to forget that Lady Gaga first came to fame as Akon's protege, while Justin Bieber benefited greatly from Usher's tutelage. If Mother Monster and Biebus can thrive after being linked with those hacks, imagine how far T-Rio will go under La Toya Jackson's wing. Yes, pop fans - Toy Toy is now a true music mogul! From what I can tell Thayana, Thaisa and Thaina are a mildly successful Brazilian girlband comprised of three stunning sisters. According to their bio, they are massive in Asia but they only seem to have had one hit (below). Since then they moved to America and hooked up with Taj Jackson. He appears to have introduced the lovely ladies to his superstar aunt and now the band is somehow involved with Ja-Tail. They have a zombie series in the works and an animated show but given the company's track record, I highly doubt either will see the light of day. Nevertheless, being associated with a recording legend like La Toya can only open doors. I predict a #17 club smash somewhere down the track - complete with a cameo from Toy in the video. You know, to help sales.


Bruce said...

All of the 2012 Grammies all need to be handed to T-Rio IMMEDIATELY!

Their first Ja-Tail album is going to restart the CD manufacturing industry.

I think if La Toya would just add an english verse to Choopeta it would be the song of the summer for the next three summers! (Both hemispheres)

Tiffany Taeyeon said...

My band, Girls' Revolution, are much better than these broads.