Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beyoncé Throws The Best Party EVER

From the post-apocalyptic drama of "Run The World (Girls)" to the zero-budget performance video for "Love On Top", Beyoncé has delivered a bit of everything this era. And while I definitely like some of the concepts more ("Countdown") than others ("1+1"), the videos have all suited the material and shown off Queen B's legendary versatility. It seems fitting then that she keep the best for last.

Actually, that's not quite right. "Party" isn't the best video from "4" - that would be "Countdown" or "Run The World (Girls)" - but it's my favourite. I love it when Bey lets her mask slip a bit and has a bit of fun. Like when she raided the liquor cabinet in "Why Don't You Love Me?" before dusting her 16 Grammys. Sometimes I think the most successful artist of the millennium over thinks things in the pursuit of excellence, so it's nice for her to take a step back and deliver this rambling, yet incredibly enjoyable, mess. Which she directed herself. Respect.

The concept:

Beyoncé throws a party in a trailer park and invites over a bunch of friends that include her superstar sister Solange, former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland and rapper J.Cole.

Why it works:

1. The clip suits the lyrics perfectly. This is a party I would love to attend... if only to see Bey mow the lawn stilettos and little else.

2. It is a high-camp extravaganza. This is what I imagine a street party thrown by the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race would look like. Hair rollers and short shorts as far as the eye can see.

3. Kelly Rowland's presence adds some serious star power to the proceedings!

4. The sight of Beyoncé doing her make-up on the toilet. Millie Jackson approves.

5. Ghetto fabulous fashion that will make your head spin.

6. Excerpts from the diva's "Year Of 4" documentary add to the clip's homespun charm. It's completely unnecessary but cracks me up.

7. The trashy Cassie look-a-like.

The negatives:

Michelle Williams' invitation was obviously lost in the mail. Rude.

The verdict:

Move aside, BB Homemaker. Trailer park Betty is the new Queen of my heart.



tommie said...

How dare this basic bitch rip-off Queen Khia? She really needs to sit the fuck down.

And why is the whittest black woman in pop pretending to be "hood"? Lame lame lame. Another massive flop for Bey.

Anonymous said...

Another cheap shit from Thiefonce. Why she keeps releasing videos when it's clear that nobody cares? STOP BEATING A DEAD HORSE, LET THE FLOP DIE.

Sotres said...

She looks whiter in every new video.

James said...

Mike has King Bey haters galore on this blog.

Johnny D said...

Meanwhile, Love On Top fails to crack the top 20 in Australia.

So does this mean without all her stealing ways, she really is only ghetto trash? Luckily Kelly was available to bring some much needed credibility and class to proceedings.

Diva Incarnate said...

She makes Nicole Kidman look like one of the Williams tennis sisters.

Steven said...

she looks so cute with kelly! this makes me like her more

Anonymous said...

Where is Andre 3000 anyway? Maybe he wanted to stay as far away as possible from this flop mess.

ColeWorld said...

how cute is J in this?

Mike said...

smh @ all these deluded haters.

Johnny D said...

Get that Billboard TOP 75 Smash Bey!

D'luv said...

Another one that will be left off her greatest hits...because it was a colossal flop piece of trash.

Her wig is over.

noelster said...

i love this more everytime i see it and so want to live in this trailer park right now it's making my head hurt. obv this is bb homemaker's funner sister who doesn't mind having a serious diva-off with the other neighbors and sees no problem throwing a party just to prove it.

after the low budget antics of her last 2 vids, glad to see bey still has the money to throw at a high concept video when the material is so, so right.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

"party"'s not bad but WHo cares if Michelle is not in the video? song's a flop. didnt win the grammy.