Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bai Ling & The Song Of The Year

Bai Ling has been one of my favourite actresses since she was robbed of an Academy Award for her stunning portrayal of a horny vampire in The Breed. Since then the Chinese beauty has become a pop culture phenomenon - both for her fabulous B grade movies and drunken behaviour at film premieres that usually involves crashing the red carpet and showing off her nipples. And it is the latter activity that inspired the 45-year-old's music debut. After a stint in Celebrity Rehab, Bai has dropped an inspiring dance anthem called - appropriately enough - "Rehab".

The era-defining floorfiller is 2011's hottest mess. Imagine Yoko Ono on mushrooms with a splash of Amanda Lepore thrown in for good measure and you're almost there. "I am Bai Ling, I just got out of Rehab!" proclaims the budding diva at the beginning of the song before chanting something in Chinese and finally declaring "I'm still gonna dance day and night with my sober friends!" This bravura turn sits on the cutting-edge of pop music, breaking new ground with its breathtaking originality and fearless approach to blending genres. Leave it to China's finest export to reinvent the wheel!

Bai's future Grammy winner (below) is available to download from iTunes now. Gift it to a friend while you're there - "Rehab" deserves to bigger than "Party Rock Anthem".


tommie said...

It's the greatest song of 2011 <3

Poor Betty White. She just got her wig snatched! said...

The counting in Chinese is utterly game changing! This was evidently done on Garageband. I recognise the synths and drum loops. Our gurl didn't even bother to switch it up!

Zaneh said...

All those other divas out there need to bow done right now , Madonna , gaga etc better watch out,

noelster said...

bai will always have a place in my heart for her defining portrayal of barbi ling in the ben affleck flop 'man about town'. Rehab is my new too drunk to care dance anthem.

BB said...

This is Bai Ling, I appreciate you support me but please take down the video of my song "REHAB: from Utube ASAP, as you do not have the rights and my permission to do so. let me know ASAP as you did it.
Thank You
Bai Ling

Mike said...

What an honor!!

I took it down.

Lots of love,



BB said...

I have thought about it, and I am flattered, yes please feel free to put the video back on. Thank you! A smile from Bai Ling

WEALLHOPE?? said...

This world will go nowhere unless we learn how to become more tollerant with each other and search for the kindness in those who surround us..
( little Daniel FLY here )

Roger said...

The chap is completely right, and there's no skepticism.
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