Monday, October 17, 2011

Anthony Callea - Oh Oh Oh Oh No

Four years have passed since Anthony Callea released his last single. During that time he came out of the closet, hooked up with Tim Campbell (hi!), left Sony and spent a lot of time in America working on his independent comeback. The only thing the pint-sized pop star forgot to do is record a decent song. "Oh Oh Oh Oh" is awful. As much as I like the idea of an openly gay Australian pop star who isn't Darren Hayes, I still have (admittedly low) standards. And there is nothing redeeming about this generic club-banger.

The pocket rocket made a fuss about working with frequent Black Eyed Peas collaborator DJ Poet in recent interviews but a big-name producer doesn't guarantee a good song. As this shocker proves. The lyrics are awful, the production sounds dated and Anthony's powerhouse vocals are hidden under levels of autotune that would make T-Pain balk. I don't get it. The 2004 Australian Idol runner-up has a great voice. Why not record a track that shows it off? On the bright side, I recently caught Mr Callea supporting Sophie Ellis-Bextor in Sydney and the first song he performed was vastly superior to this. Very good even. If that's already in the can, it needs to be released sooner rather than later.

In the meantime, check out Anthony's #88 Australian iTunes smash "Oh Oh Oh Oh" below.


Anonymous said...

Pretty sure this song sounds like what Bardot would have passed up back in the day. What a waste of money, time and a half decent voice. Next!

tommie said...

Too much gay face.

Taz said...

I agree that his voice needs to be highlighted not hidden, but the lyics, apart form the singalong óh oh oh oh are certainlyly no worse and in fact quite lot better than most of the stuff of this genre that is out there at the moment.

I actually think it quite catchy and if it were supported with any sort of airplay at all could do very well.

ozdivo said...

Mike, - the song reached 88 on Itunes and charted on the Swedish chart. I have a screen cap of that if you'd like to see you can correct your article.

It debuted on ARIA's 'Australian Singles' chart at 17 - and is the only truly independent single there.

Given the lack of airplay a damn fine effort.

Anonymous said...

At the time of the Sophie Ellis Bextor appearance you mentioned his 'three fans' with no mention that you liked any of it, so I'm pleased to hear you thought the first song was good and that sounds promising for the album. I know the 3 fans must have been an attempt at a joke, as I've seen the pics.

It's an enormous struggle for Australian artists and being an independent Australian artist is doubly worse.

Apart from the usual ignorance of some facts, your review made a lot more sense than your usual efforts. I even got a laugh out of the 'overwhelming public demand' of one request on Twitter, so thank you.

Martin S

tommie said...

"charted on the Swedish chart."

LOL. I'm sure it sold all of three copies to chart here!

I'm not really sure it's a huge bragging right that it went to #88 instead of #104!

Sotres said...

His voice is extremely edited. He's pretty face... that's all.

Cyber said...

Eurgh, he hasn't aged well has he? He looks like those wrinkly dogs on that single cover.

Cyber said...

And yeah, the track sounds like Disco Montego

Mike said...

I was joking about the iTunes placing but I will update the post if his fans feel better about it reaching #88. For one day.

Given the current state of the industry and the fact that Anthony has been gone for so long, it could have been a lot worse. Maybe with a good song, he will reach the top 100 next time. I think a physical EP would help. Most indie acts do that to boost their placing. And perhaps a few more shows because he is good live.

Cyber - don't be mean. To Disco Montego.

Oscar said...

I see it debuted at no. 6 on the Jagermeister Chart, the official chart for Independent artists. Taken in context and onsidering that all but one other on the list have the backing of an indie distributor/label it's done quite well.

Me said...

VILE............! What a DIRE FLOP he is!

Rex said...

He did an acoustic version on 'The Circle' this week and his voice was absolutely awesome. Australians are just not supporting Australian music any more, which is very sad.

The younger generation that is buying most of the downloads has a severe case of cultural cringe and not buying anything Aussie. The record companies are only interested in pushing overseas stuff and not spending enough to help local artists. Sadly, Aus music is dying quickly.

Negative blogs like this don't help either. Soon you will have nothing Aussie to write about. RIP Aussie Music.