Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Elen Levon - Sydney Showcase & Video

Elen levon first graced Pop Trash Addicts way back in April. At the time I called her demo the best I'd heard in a long time and told everyone to remember her name. Four months have passed and the 17-year-old school girl is all over Australian radio and burning up the blogosphere. Mystic Meg has nothing on me! Her debut single "Naughty" will take over iTunes on September 23 - pre-order it now - but her promotional campaign began last Wednesday with an industry showcase at the Beresford Hotel.

Like most people who have been following Elen's career, I knew she could dance like a demon but wasn't completely sure about her vocal chops. Don't get me wrong. "Naughty" is pure fire but there's enough autotune on that fucker that make Cassie sound good. So, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that Elen has an impressive set of pipes. She tore into "Naughty", looking every inch the superstar surrounded by her dancers. Next up was a new track called "Like A Girl In Love", which is a stone-cold smash. The heavy synths show Elen in an edgier light and I love the anthemic chorus. That flowed effortlessly into "Ooh Yeah". Don't worry about the dodgy title. Team Levon has cooked up another radio-ready winner that gets lodged in your brain after the first listen.

Yours truly with Elen

While the songs were uniformly excellent, the most impressive aspect of the short (but sweet) showcase was the budding diva's poise. Elen held her nerve like a veteran, hitting every note - while dancing like a non-gutter whore Ciara. Jessica Mauboy can't move like that. Havana Brown would probably break a hip trying. Only time will tell if she connects with the Australian public but the Year 11 student has the raw talent to go a very long way.

Now in case you haven't seen Elen's recently released "Naughty" video yet, here are five points to mull over while soaking in the visual extravaganza.

1. It reminds me of Amy Pearson's "Butterfingers" video - only with competent dancing and enough financial backing to afford a set.

2. My favourite look is the singlet and pony-tail. Leave the heavy make-up and edgy clothes for sad bitches who need to distract from their face. Like Lady Gaga and Cassie Davis.

3. The "Slow" inspired floor-dancing routine is adorable.

4. Why are these children hitting up the club with no parental supervision? It's clearly past their bed-time and I fear they've been drinking more than Powerade.

5. Choreography is back! I feel like we're returning to the 80s/early 90s when a killer dance moves were absolutely essential.

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bomitoni said...

I feel so cultured because I know what a "singlet" is now thanks to you! Will check this hoe out ASAP!

Jon said...

I haven't been so impressed with such youthful talent since Lena Zavaroni and Bonnie Langford first duetted. The dancing boys are cute, shame about the terrible rapper and the vocoder... Jx

Bruce said...

Wow, she's pushing pop in such a different direction!

I want a remix featuring Rebecca Black.

(Is it legal for a grown man to kiss a 17 year old girl in Australia?)

Anonymous said...

Damn this girl is getting some heat!! I saw Molly raving about her on TV the other day!! Im glad she can sing live lol!! Naughty is a great first up song... btw love ur review - funny!!

Daniel said...

Lol @ your comment about Havana Brown probably breaking a hip if she tried to do Elens choreo. You clearly havent seen any videos of We Run The Night live, cause those dance breaks are beyond killer. Were as the Naughty video Elen looks like a stiffer version of Britney Spears. Anyway that being said, cant wait to see what Elen does in the future, she seems very talented, and Naughty is a great track.

feedlimmy said...

LMAO. I can't wait to hear these Elen songs you just mentioned gurl!

Matt said...

kudos for shading cassie, cassie davis, havana brown and lady gaga in the one post!

Anonymous said...

Is Israel Cruz really the best she could do? #Flop Bitch please. She's not even that special. I don't see what the big deal is. For 17, she's good but I don't see her getting very far at all to be honest. Her voice is dry and unsatisfying. She looks like a younger Kardashian sister whose parents bribed a producer for a record deal. Hopefully she will prove us wrong, but I doubt it.