Sunday, June 19, 2011

Zoë Badwi's Carry Me Home - video review

I've been meaning to post this for a while now. Zoë's "Carry Me Home" video debuted a couple of weeks ago and I never got around to writing about it. It's no secret that I love the song - it's so soft and pretty - but the video is kind of perplexing. From the preview, I thought it was going to have an old Hollywood theme with the stunning dance diva standing around looking frail and beautiful on a staircase. That would have been enough for me and suited the song perfectly. But someone got a little too creative and gave it an "Eyes Wide Shut" twist. In the video Zoë decides to spice up her life by inviting her man to some kind of high-camp swingers party full of gays that look like they were rounded up outside Arq at 5am on Sunday morning. It's a bit random but fair play. "Carry Me Home" is going great guns in the clubs (up to #6 on this week's chart) and should gather more steam when it's pushed to radio in a couple of weeks. You can download the radio edit from iTunes now. Trust me, it's $1.69 well spent!


Matt said...

lol its nice zoe looks pretty

Anonymous said...

What is this clip? So bad... Who thought of this and the dancers :(