Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Zoë Badwi - Album Sampler

Sorry for the lack of updates but I've been locked in a dark room listening to "4" on repeat. In fact, the only new music to break through my Beyoncé-trance in the past few days came from Australia's leading lady of dance. On Friday Zoë Badwi released a preview of her soon-to-be-released debut album "Zoë" and it's all killer no filler. The six song sampler contains the club smash "Release Me", her commercial breakthrough "Freefallin'", its misguided but hugely enjoyable follow-up "Accidents Happen" and the downright delicious Sarah Connor cover "Carry Me Home" (below) as well as two new tracks. They are both great but "Until You're Over Me" is a complete knock out. Penned by failed pop star Amy Pearson, who also flexed her considerable songwriting muscle on "Freefallin'", the song is a total smash. I love the dreamy synths and bittersweet chorus. It reminds me of Sophie Ellis-Bextor - only without the annoying accent. Fingers crossed this is Zoë's next single! The other new track is called "Believe You" and was written by the cheesy nugget lovin' sex symbol herself. A sparse piano ballad complete with strings and Adele-tastic lyrics, this is a real change of pace for Australia's club queen. I'm not sure how the track will affect the flow of what promises to be an otherwise turbo-charged dance album but it's great to hear Ms Badwi do something different and show off her powerful pipes. Kind of like when Sophie Monk covered "Ave Maria" on her debut. Ok, that's probably not the best comparison! "Zoë" is released on August 5. It goes without saying that I can't fucking wait.


Anonymous said...

anywhere where we can get hold of the sampler?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised how good a cover it is. I love "Real Love" but this cover might have Sarah beat.