Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Jessica Mauboy

So Jessica Mauboy's "Get 'Em Girls" will be re-released after all! I think this is great news. There's so much good stuff on that album that deserves to be heard. Songs like "Maze", "Forget Your Name" and "Fight For You" are world class urban-pop gems that really should have been singles over trash like "Saturday Night" and "What Happened To Us". I rather embarrassingly (in retrospect) said as much to Jessica's face when I met her at the Nelly/Snoop Dogg showcase in April... and she agreed that "Maze" was a missed opportunity. Take that Sony! She also told me she had recorded a Diane Warren song called "Inescapable" and it's finally here. Given the hit songwriter's track record, J Malley's new single is most likely a ballad. I would have preferred an urban-dance smash but new music from my favourite Australian Idol alumni is always good news. While we wait to hear "Inescapable", why not watch Jessica perform "What Happened To Us" live on Dancing With The Stars with Stan Walker? I love their rendition so much more than the Jay Sean version.


Justin said...

Jess sings a bit of the new song Inescapable acapella at the end of this video interview.

sounds a bit uptempo actually, but its hard to tell.


Jaclyn said...

Diane Warren is a creative genius!! In fact, I just saw this amazing profile on her in Theodora & Callum’s Creative Factory today– check it out!! http://bit.ly/j59qkU

discodevil said...

That's a kooky look she has on the CD cover.