Tuesday, June 21, 2011

La Toya reclaims Queen of Pop throne

In news that will make Toy Soldiers weep tears of joy and relief, the pretty and talented Jackson sister has released new music for the first time in over a decade. It doesn't matter that the 6 of the 7 songs on La Toya's stunning autobiography soundtrack EP were recorded in 2002 and leaked in 2006. That's just how Toy rolls! "Starting Over" is the easily the best Jackson album since "Thriller" but the tracklist is a bit perplexing.

What the hell is "Mafia Style" doing on there instead of her iconic smash (in waiting) "Player"? I'm also gutted that Toy Toy's exquisite calypso anthem "Tropical Breeze" missed the cut but at least "No More Drama" and "Just Wanna Dance" - which, in true Toy style, has been mislabelled "Jut Wanna Dance" - were included! The highlight, however, has to be the legendary beauty's new song.

"Starting Over" raises pop music to glorious new heights that derivative flops like Janet could only dream of. While the rest of the music industry is busy recycling the 80s, La Toya revisits the mid-noughties with intentionally dated beats (lifted straight from her Star Ice jingle) and delivers exquisite lyrics like "say what you wanna say, just live your life straight or gay!" Lady Gaga could never.

Here is the full tracklist:

Mafia Style (Skit)
Should've Left You
No More Drama
Don't Want You No More
Free The World
Just Wanna Dance
Starting Over

"Starting Over (Songs Inspired By The Book)" is available to download now from Australian iTunes. Make sure to write a positive review when you buy it. I've already thrown in my 2 cents! To get an idea of the aural treat that awaits you, here's "Free The World" - La Toya's heartbreaking response to September 11. La Toya's Grammy nominated songwriting genius is on full display in this modern classic and her vocal makes Adele sound like Ashanti. Goodbye pretenders. The Queen is back!


tommie said...

I'm literally crying and shaking right now! Your faves could never...!

Anonymous said...

DEAD @ best jackson album since thriller!

Fernando said...

Glad No More Drama is there. Gutted to see the absence of Home, Player and C'est La Vie. TOY CLASSICS!

Should've Left You and Don't Want You No More are my least favorite tracks on Startin' Over, so yeah...

Bruce said...

Jut wanna ask... where's "Home"? Wasn't that supposed to be about Michael?

Jut wanna know why that wasn't included.

Anonymous said...

Its life changingly good. I have listened to it 8 times in a row. La Toya is so talented, wish she would do a world tour.

sexbox said...

the song starting over is so good!

noelster said...

mike, your recent comment about the minogue sisters benefitting from the Australian air should be applied to this cover art as well. La toya looks better than she has in years (even better than when she was on the apprentice). she should start selling a skin care line. 'jut wanna be young' would sell a mint.

Mike said...

Bruce & Noelster - you guys KILL ME with your comments!

Me said...

All hail The Duchess Of Dance, Pope Of Pop, Commander Of The Toy Soldiers, Queen Sexbox - Toy Toy!

I assume the High Priestess of Hip Hop is saving her stunning calypso ballad Tropical Breeze to let lesser beings have a moment in the spotlight while the Urban Oracle dines on Vegetarian Chicken Fajitas washed down with cold Star Ice as she catalogues the vast array of wigs she has just snatched!

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