Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Even Though I'm A Woman

OK, this is a bit different for Pop Trash Addicts. Seeker Lover Keeper is an Australian super group featuring a bunch of boring critically acclaimed singer-songwriters that usually make me want to pierce my eardrums with the nearest sharp object. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard "Even Though I'm A Woman" on the radio and fell madly in love. The achingly pretty folk-pop song has a bittersweet underbelly that sets it apart from similar lesbian-with-an-instrument fare. The wistful chorus is sublime and I love the harmonies. I'm genuinely shocked by the quality of this tune. Sarah Blasko is up there with Delta Goodrem and Natalie Muttondressedaslambwaighte as my least favourite Australian artist of all time but her presence is balanced out by the generally inoffensive Holly Throsby and rather lovely Sally Seltmann. Seeker Lover Keeper's album debuted in the top 5 last week and "Even Though I'm A Woman" is rapidly climbing iTunes, so hopefully the girls will be motivated to give up their flop solo careers and cement their status as Australia's non-country but equally fabulous Dixie Chicks. Extra points for featuring my teenage crush Aden Young in the video (below). He is still ten kinds of sexy!


Scott said...

Random but I kinda like it

Felix said...

So, I do not actually believe it is likely to work.
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Zackary said...

It cannot have effect in actual fact, that is exactly what I think.
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