Sunday, June 19, 2011

Carrie Underwood's Sydney showcase

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to be invited to Carrie Underwood's Sydney showcase at the Museum of Contemporary Art in The Rocks. The country superstar was in town to promote the Australian re-release of her 2009 album "Play On" and introduce herself to the local media. I'm not going to lie and pretend I've been Carrie's number one fan since the beginning but I genuinely adore "Some Hearts" and secretly stan for her crossover pop hits. So it was extremely exciting to finally see her in person. I knew she would sound good but I wasn't expecting her to be that brilliant.

Sony CEO Denis Handlin introduced the 2005 American Idol winner, pointing out all her stunning achievements - including 10 number one hits on the US country chart and record sales totalling 13 million. He also told us that Carrie had made the journey from Melbourne by bus due to volcanic ash, which made her flawless appearance and pitch perfect performance all the more impressive! She began with "Cowboy Casanova" before moving on to "So Small" and "Last Name". I like all those songs but she really did save the best for the second half.

"Jesus, Take The Wheel" would probably be my theme song if I were religious and it was amazing to finally hear it live. What a great song! Next up was her current Australian single "Undo It". It's so catchy and could be a hit if radio would embrace it. The last track was "Before He Cheats", which the superstar recently performed on the finale of American Idol. I thought Carrie sounded a bit rough that night but it was obviously the fault of the annoying flop singing along side her because she tore it up on Thursday. "Before He Cheats" really is the best song Shania never recorded.

After the showcase Carrie walked around and introduced herself to everyone. I got the chance to meet her and get a photo. She was really nice and spoke about how much she likes Australia. The best thing is - I think she'll be back. I seriously doubt Sony would have splashed out on such a lavish affair to promote the re-release of an old album. Particularly when she only sang two songs from it. I think they have the bigger picture in mind and are intent on making her a Taylor Swift sized star in this country. It's a smart move. There's no reason why she can't repeat her American success here. Carrie is the complete package.


michael said...

Good, she didn't do any songs I like so I don't feel so bad for not being there now. Thank you.

Adrian Cooney said...

Hey Mike,

How are you? To introduce myself, my name's Adrian Cooney & I was possibly ment to go to Carrie's showcase performance, as CMC were trying to get me in, though it didn't happen because of the 'media/music execs' only rules.

I'm just wondering how you got in and are you to do with the music industry?

Thanks for the review, it sounds awesome and I'm very jealous! Lol ;) I've been meaning to get in contact since I read ur tweets during the showcase! Adored - 'Jesus take the wheel...shaking & crying' one! :)

I was lucky to meet Carrie @ Sunrise and she is absolutely beautiful! Have been Australia's no.1 Carrie fan since the beginning. Carrie was thrilled to hear I was on her fanclub!

I hope you reply and we can keep in contact. Add me on Facebook if you would like - Adrian Cooney.

Thanks. :)

Mike said...

Michael - you don't like any of those? Seriously?

Adrian - cool send me an email! (