Monday, June 06, 2011

Behind the scenes with Zoë Badwi

I love Zoë Badwi more than cold beer and fried chicken. She puts up with my drunk tweets and continues to carve out her own little niche as Australia's first lady of dance. While her last single failed to match the success of past hits like "Release Me" and "Freefallin'", the former Sirens singer should have more luck with "Carry Me Home". It picks up where the aforementioned Amy Pearson penned masterpiece left off - killer chorus, crisp synths and dreamy vocal - but shows off Zoë's softer side. There is a mellowness to this collaboration with TV Rock DJ Grant Smillie that will no doubt help the track crossover from nightclubs to commercial radio. You can dance to this or hum along to it while doing the ironing! "Carry Me Home" is quite possibly Ms Badwi's finest moment and the video is shaping up to be equally triumphant. As far as I can tell she just walks around a house looking glamorous but at least there is no bondage-dancing in train stations or weird special effects that don't really make sense. Zoë is keeping things classy this time around and I love the old Hollywood aesthetic. Check out a behind the scenes preview below and download the song from iTunes now.

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