Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ashanti to tour Australia

This is not a late April Fool's Day joke. Ashanti, who I believe once scored a hit somewhere in the early noughties, is rumoured to be touring Australia soon. In all fairness, Nelly's girlfriend was a pretty big name (about 10 years ago) and has some good songs. "Foolish" is a classic and I still love her Ja Rule collaboration "Always On Time" but this has to be the most random flop to tour Australia since Blu Cantrell. The strangest thing is - I'm dying to go! I secretly think it's hilarious she's conned her way on to the bill and there's no doubt in my mind that her #96 smash "The Way That I Love You" will bring the house down. I'm particularly interested to see if the 30-year-old performs any new material. Hasn't she been threatening to release a new album since "The Declaration" went three times plastic in 2008? Only time will tell. But to get you into the mood for the return of a true R&B legend, here is her last Australian hit "Body On Me".


Anonymous said...

her song actually peaked number 2 on the r&b charts and number 37 on the hot 100 and shes sold 23 million albums worldwide...if ur gonna talk shit..make sure its accurate=)

Eugene said...

I agree. 32 million albums sold WORLDWIDE doesn't sound like a flop to me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh u sound like such a big hater and Ashanti accomplished a lot, don't try to play her like she is a nobody like your hating ass!

The Prophet said...

They're right. All Beyonce stans think every single other urban diva on the planet is a flop (I even get Bey stans spamming me on Twitter swearing black and blue that Rihanna is a complete flop and only has one hit thanks to Chris Brown punching her). Ashanti has sold a shit load of records, and they are right, "The Way That I Love You" was top forty and #2 on the R&B charts.

Ashanti even has a couple of Billboard records under her belt from the peak of her success during her first album, but her follow up albums still did good. She's technically only had one flop album, and it still managed to debut at #6.

She's starred in successful movies too.

She's a million times more successful than Ciara, Keri, etc etc.

Mike said...

Check your facts. "The Way That I Love You" reached #96 in AUSTRALIA. Which is the country I'm talking about.

Ashanti has only had one solo top 10 hit. Ciara and Keri have done way better at home and internationally!

As for her film career - don't make me laugh. She was in a Resident Evil sequel. Apart from that her biggest claim to fame is appearing on Celebrity Biggest Loser and Extreme Home Makeover.

The Prophet said...

She hardly ever even released singles here, but even so, she's had many other charting singles besides The Way That I Love You so you couldve mentioned those.

And since when did Keri or Ciara break Billboard chart records? Ashanti held the record for years for the highest first week sales from a debut female artist, and held a record for occupying the top two spots on the Hot 100.

And with one solo top ten hit, are you just talking specifically about Australia? At least Ashanti's charted two albums in the top twenty in Australia, whereas Keri has charted none. Her albums have also charted better than Ciara's in Australia lol,

And Ashanti's album sales are like triple Ciara's overall and ten times more than Keri's.

And Ashanti had a headlining role in John Tucker Must Die (it was a hit), starring role in Coach Carter (#1 box office), starring role in Resident Evil (#1 box office, and she headlined her own Muppets telemovie which did well, so that's easily more than the one Resident Evil movie you quoted.

Mike said...

So you were wrong about The Way That I Love You. Thanks. And that was her last solo charting single here. So it's why I mentioned it.

As for her album sales - so what? She had one smash on the back of Foolish. Cici and Keri did not fall off the face off the earth after fluking one hit.

I've never heard of John Tucker Must Die but I take my hat off to Ashanti for tiny cameo roles in two successful movies. She really is the new Vivica Fox!

The Prophet said...

So are you saying singles are more important than album sales? Ashanti had TWO albums top twenty here, not one, and she had two other hits after that, so you're wrong (again).

Her role in John Tucker Must Die was not a "tiny cameo". She was a headliner and on the poster/cover.

And Ashanti's had a string of big hits in Australia for the song's she's featured in, so not only has she charted better with her albums in Australia AND America than Ciara and Keri, she's also outcharted them with her features. Only thing Ciara has over her is like one or two more singles in Australia lol.

And you do know that Ashanti was the third most successful R&B artist of the decade behind Beyonce and Alicia? And no, I didn't just get that off wiki, I've mentioned that on blog from last year when I've done album updates on Ashanti. Where are Keri and Ciara?

Lol, I win.

Mike said...

1. The Way That I Love You was Ashanti's last solo single to chart in this country. It reached #96. That is a fact.

2. The bulk of Ashanti's album sales - worldwide - are from her first album. Again, that is a fact.

3. Ciara and Keri are still on the grind, having (small) hits around the world. Ashanti's last two albums have been scrapped because no one cares. That's not a fact - just the sad and desperate truth.

I'm out!

Anonymous said...

who gives a shit about ashanti? she nobody!

GaoSalad said...

The important thing here is that he is from Australia and the only notable thing the Australians have had in the past ten years is Chris Lilley. That is a fact.

K FLOPmichelle said...

u give a shit about ashanti @anon and who is this flop blogger???

The Prophet said...

1. ... And? I know that, doesn't change anything from what you said or make you any more right, lol.

2. Again, so? The bulk of Ciara's worldwide sales and the bulk of Keri's 'worldwide' (if you can call it that) sales are from their first albums. What's your point? That changes nothing since the same goes for them. The bulk of Britney's sales are from her first album. The bulk of Alanis Morrisette's sales are from her first album. The list goes on. It's normal.

3. The head of Ashanti's label went to jail, which caused a tonne of problems in her releasing new stuff. Not that it really matters since this wasn't about that, but you'll try and make it about ANYTHING no matter how unrelated just to try and be right after me and some Ashanti stans snatched your wig.

Anonymous said...

She's sold over 10 million albums, not 23 or 32 million. STOP YOUR LYING YOU STUPID ASS ASHANTI FANS!

Anonymous said...

Ashanti has sold over 23 million records. Foolish sold over 7 million records as a single bu itself. Check your facts. Ashanti has 15 top 40 hits and 10 of them were in the top 10. Her last hit was when her last album came out and the single was #32 on billboard hot 100 and #2 on r&b. Now if were talking about Australia she doesn't even promote over there so who cares. Dont knock her success in the US because she has more hits and sold more than Ciara and Keri.

Anonymous said...

Ashanti = Weakest stage presence of any singer EVER!

Why would you waste your money to go see her sing songs from 10 years ago, while standing in one spot.