Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wynter Gordon - Album Sampler Review

Earlier a today I wrote an article for Sydney Star Observer about the impending release of Wynter Gordon's debut album and wrote that it "promises to be one of the party albums of the year". Well, I need to buy some tarot cards and set up a stall in Newtown because my predication was spot on. A six track sampler of "With The Music I Die" arrived in my inbox this evening and I'm absolutely stunned. I knew the album was going to be good but my future beard has delivered half a dozen of the hottest dance-pop songs I've heard in a very long time. Even if the rest of the album is awful - which it won't be - Australia's adopted club queen has already snatched every wig in town. Poor J Lo must be so pressed that Wynter kept all the good shit for herself! Here is the full "With The Music I Die" tracklist and my initial comments about the tracks I've heard:

Til Death

The album's punchy second single has been lodged in the iTunes top 20 since release and looks set to climb into the top 10 when Wynter returns to Australia for a promo tour in June. It's a great pop song and scarily, still grows on me with each listen !

Dirty Talk

This shit is undeniable. The highest selling single in Australia for the first quarter of 2011 is now catching on around the world. Absolutely defining. Now somebody please put the original naughty school girl video back on YouTube. That hot mess is what made me fall in love with my flawless boo in the first place!

Don’t Stop Me

I love this. An effortlessly cool club anthem with an icy edge that I'd usually associate with Robyn or Roisin Murphy - if someone threw a pill down their throat and pushed them on the dancefloor. My favourite part is when Wynter coos "I can melt your heart, you'll be all mine". That and the sassy countdown at the end. Perhaps not single material but great nonetheless.

Buy My Love

Gold diggers have a new theme song! "Buy My Love" is so cute and catchy - definitely a good choice for single number three. It's more electro than we're used to from the diva but there's still something quite camp and 80s about the track. I love the lyrics ("Let's take a quick vacation, a little shopping spree - a fancy destination, we'll spend it all on me!") and adorable chorus. I can definitely hear this on the radio.

Still Getting Younger

Was I more high than usual or did Wynter tweet that this was the next single? If the sticker on the album cover is any indication, it looks like Neon is going with the fabulous "Buy My Love" but I think I prefer this glorious explosion of dreamy synths. Even if it is slightly less commercial. "Still Getting Younger" isn't an ode to Madonna's plastic surgery but a soft and pretty dance-pop love song. It actually reminds me a little of Kylie's "Tightrope" (my favourite "Fever" era track) with a bit of 80s Moroder thrown in for good measure. The lyrics are gorgeous too - "I'm not lonely, I just need you. You're this empty space I got." Simply beautiful.

Drunk On Your Love


All My Life


Rumba [feat. Kevin McCall]


Back To You

Now this is very different for Wynter. It's a moody mid-tempo electronic groove with amazing lyrics like "you don't know that when I lie in bed I touch myself to you" and "I took you for granted, I spit in your face". It's an atmospheric and multi-layered little gem that no doubt will worm its way further into my consciousness with each listen. Fabulous.

In The Morning [feat. Robbie Rivera]


I'm so curious about the other tracks now. If they are of a similar standard, Wynter will have one of the best albums of 2011 on her hands. "With The Music I Die" is released in Australia on June 17. I'm pre-ordering my copy today. Here's her current hit "Til Death". Someone really needs to mash it with "Til The World Ends" to create a truly morbid floorfiller!


Matt said...

i need it now!!!!!!

Obsessed_Warrior said...

I heard Buy My Love was an Ace of Base song. Does it sound like them? Very 90s?

Mike said...

LOL I don't know but that would make BML ten times cooler if it's Ace Of Base.

It has a futuristic 80s vibe more than 90s to my ears.

Jump! said...

Why coudln't review the songs you haven't heard yet ala the prediction review you posted for Ke$ha?

Anonymous said...


RetroRuler said...

As much as I cannot wait to buy this, I am pretty peeved that it only contains ten is that!??!?!...Soooo many good tracks could have been added....what about "Alice in Wonderland", "Love is Long", "Renegade", "Right Here", "Stroke Your Ego", "Pride ( Putting it out there" and where in god's name is "Believer" with the Freemasons!??!?!....Looks like ima make my own Wynter album once I get this one...

Mike said...

Anon - apparently the Ace Of Base track is "Rumba".

Good idea, Brian. I think it's time for another psychic review!

RetroRule - exactly!! Wynter has so many amazing demos. She should release a digital comp.

Anonymous said...

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