Sunday, May 08, 2011

Til Death - The Video

There must be something in the water because all my favourite divas are dropping new videos this weekend! The first clip that you really need to see - right this very second - is Wynter Gordon's stunning "Til Death". As far as I'm concerned, Australia's adopted club queen can do wrong. Her music is flawless, she saved J Lo's album from being a total trainwreck and has the best hair in music. Happily, two of these three defining characteristics are showcased in her latest clip. "Til Death" was amazing from the first listen but that chorus packs more punch each time I hear it. I've even come around to the Denzal Park edit! The video possibilities for such an evocative song were endless but I'm glad they kept it cute by going with a 'house party' theme. Think "Just Dance" - only with hotter guys and an attractive protagonist. It's a simple concept but they executed it really well. Wynter's personality shines through and I could spend a week writing love poems to that glorious fro! "Til Death" is already a massive club hit in Australia and has been lodged in the top 20 for weeks but this should push the track even further up the charts. Wynter's got this!

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Matt said...

hot video!!