Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Third time lucky for Auburn?

Auburn is one of my favourite fledgling pop divas. Her debut "La La La" was a fun slice of JR Rotem produced urban dance - complete with a catchy ATC sample - but it was her second single that really won me over. "All About Him" showed the 22-year-old beauty in a completely different light. I loved the cute retro-pop sound and softer vocal but, unfortunately, it never quite caught on and failed to chart in the US. Fingers crossed she has more luck with single number three. "Perfect Two" is already something of a phenomenon on YouTube, clocking up over 30 million views, and is steadily climbing the iTunes top 200. So far, so good! And it's easy to see the appeal. Auburn's latest jam is so sweet it will rot your teeth. An acoustic love song bursting with quotable lyrics like "you can be the vodka and I can be the chaser", this will be the soundtrack to weddings and anniversaries for years to come. All it needs is a cute video, a bit of promotion and Auburn could have the commercial breakthrough she thoroughly deserves. Put your cynicism aside for four minutes and fall in love with "Perfect Two". Now when is this smash being released in Australia?

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