Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thiefga strikes again!

Lady Gaga's brazen thievery is becoming a recurrent theme on my blog. I got the ball rolling by explaining how Mother Monster stole La Toya's entire career before exposing "Judas" as a Loli Lux re-make. I then noticed that poor Sheena Easton had also earned a seat at the next Victims of Lady Gaga support group meeting. Well, the latest diva to be fleeced by pop's favourite kleptomaniac is Soraya Arnelas. Her usually placid fans are up in arms over the similarities between "The Edge Of Glory" and the club queen's 2008 Spainwide smash "Sin Miedo". If you can read Spanish, check out this post over at Fandemia. Gaga has basically stolen the backing track and sung some shit over the top. I'm disgusted and appalled. It's one thing to steal from a relative unknown but Soraya is an international superstar who came 23rd at Eurovision and once scored a top 20 hit in Poland. Did Gaga really think no one would notice? I've been giving this a lot of thought and I honestly believe Soraya has inspired the Grammy winner's entire career. The parallels are uncanny:

1. They are both blond.

2. Their families both hail from Europe.

3. I can't be sure but I suspect they both have vaginas.

I rest my case.

Compare "The Edge Of Glory" with the vastly superior "Sin Miedo" below. Don't worry, Soraya. Justice will be served!



bomitoni said...

what a vile cunt! lazy gaga should know better than to mess w/ the Spanish Queen of Dance!!! May her 15 minutes be up soon!

tommie said...

What a rancid thief that cunt truly is!

Jon said...

I love it. The GaGa backlash has begun in earnest! Right from the outset I identified her as an example of "Emperor's New Clothes", and despite many people defending her I have maintained nothing but contempt for her lazy-ass mass theft (of image and music) from greater talents... I hope she just fades away into the "Grace Jones/Roisin Murphy/Cyndi Lauper dressing-up box" where she belongs and takes her lame Madonna/Soray/Svetlana Lobodov rip-offs with her! Jx

The Prophet said...

She ripped off Cher's Song for the Lonely too!

Anonymous said...

lmao! i prefer sin miedo!

Ryan said...

You can find so-called "rip-offs" from other music in any song, especially if you're purposefully looking for it.