Sunday, May 08, 2011

Soraya Reloaded!

I feel like such a bad fan for taking so long to post this information but Europe's most beautiful and talented pop diva, the legendary Soraya Arnelas is about to re-release "Dreamer". I'm a bit shocked because I thought the original album had so many great songs that could have been hit singles - particularly "I Got You" and "Twilight" - but I'm not complaining. The package looks great and I'm always excited to add something new to my Soraya collection. "Reloaded" includes the dance icon's new worldwide smash "Stick Shift" as well as remixes of "Dreamer" and "Give You Up". I haven't been able to find the release date yet but I'm sure one of my Spanish gays will let us know. Fingers crossed there's a stunning club tour of Chueca to promote the album. I would be on the next plane!

Here's the tracklist:

1. Dreamer
2. Failing me (Runaway)
3. Give you up Soraya Feat. Juan Magan
4. Ticking all the boxes
5. I got you
6. You've got the music
7. Electric girl Feat. Bedük
8. Twilight
9. Live your dreams Feat. Antoine Clamaran
10. In my blood
11. Close to me Feat. Wally López
12. Stick Shift (Radio edit) Feat. Antoine Clamaran
13. Give you up (David Campoy Remix) Feat. Juan Magan
14. Give you up (Victor Magan Remix) Feat. Juan Magan
15. Live your dreams (Albert Neve Main Remix)
16. Dreamer (Brian Cross Remix)
17. Dreamer (John Shelvin Remix)

While we wait for the "Stick Shift" video to drop, let's revisit one of the defining moments in Soraya's career (below).


Anonymous said...

physical or digital??

Baron Chueca said...

My sources here in Madrid tell me that the Reloaded album will be out on the 18th May. Sony are just being incredibly slow at even acknowledging its existence on her official website...

Mike said...

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to organise my Spanish gays to start camping outside FNAC tonight in case it sells out!