Sunday, May 29, 2011

Shontelle - Say Hello To Goodbye

Shontelle has to be one of the most underrated women in pop. Her album was great (ready my review here) but "No Gravity" could only manage one week in the top 100 before plummeting faster than "Run The World (Girls)". I thought she had cut her losses and moved on to album number number three but the rich man's Rihanna had other plans. Shontelle is pushing "Say Hello To Goodbye" to pop radio in America and, so far, it seems to be working. The track is already top 40 on pop airplay and should get a good push from the classy video (below), which was released on Friday. It's a pretty simple affair. Basically, Shon looks all depressed and goes on the trainride from hell where she's haunted by memories of her ex-boyfriend. I think I've taken that ride. On the bright side, the diva's stylist has stopped playing jokes on her and there are none of the trannylicious outfits that made "Licky" such an iconic (for all the wrong reasons) mess. I have to admit that it took my a while to warm to this lovely ballad - I was too busy stanning for "Love Shop" - but it's a grower and will hopefully repeat the worldwide success of "Impossible". Don't waste your time on rubbish like "California King Bed" when you could be listening to a real tearjerker like this instead!


John said...

I'm kind of surprised I'm still with her at this point, but it's a solid single. And you're on the money that this is much better than "King Bed."

Hombaca05 said...

I really love Impossible, Love Shop, Perfect Nightmare, and Take Ova.

Britney confession: I wish the Femme Fatale tour opening acts had gone - Natalia Kills, Shontelle,and Nicki Minaj. That would've been a good collection of femme fatales :-)

James F said...

Omg, I love me some Shontelle. Totally underrated. Love this song, and the video. Hope it does pretty well, but doubtful it'll replicate the success of 'Impossible'. But I hope so, she deserves it.

Antony said...

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