Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The return of Tina Charles!

Brace yourself for the comeback of 2011 - Tina Charles is dusting off her dancing shoes to rock dancefloors (in retirement villages) across Europe! The legendary disco diva has recorded a hot new track called "Your Love Is My Light" and it's a triumph. Seriously, I'm so excited I could faint! Not only is the 57-year-old stunner one of my all time favourite club queens but the song is a total Stock Aitken Waterman throwback. Co-written and co-produced by PWL engineers Dave Ford and Ian Curnow, Tina's jam is the best thing Sinitta never recorded. Yes, it's that amazing. I love everything about this from the camp chorus to the bittersweet lyrics. The PWL-tastic sound really suits the English songbird. She should release an album of SAW covers. It's the perfect opportunity for her to reunite with Kelly Marie to tackle Mel & Kim's "Respectable". After all, their version of "Your Disco Needs You" is one of the defining duets of the past decade. Check out a preview of Tina's stunning new track below. You will love to love it!


Anonymous said...

who is she?

Anonymous said...

She is one of the biggest disco queen with many classic big hits like "dance little lady dance", "You set my heart on fire". Glad to see her coming back with PWL sound.