Thursday, May 26, 2011

La Toya's pioneering new album!

La Toya Jackson has always been a marketing genius. Not that it has ever actually resulted in any success but that's beside the point. This is a woman who released an album called "Bad Girl" while her brother was still promoting "Bad". A diva who posed nude on the cover of "Stop! In The Name Of Love" to remind people that she was once in Playboy. An entrepreneur who opened a psychic hotline despite possessing no psychic ability. Yes, Toy Soldiers - our glorious leader has always been at the forefront of publicity whoring and that trend continues with her decade-in-the-making "Starting Over" album. Instead of merely releasing her sure-to-be Grammy nominated opus on its own, Toy Toy is plugging it as the soundtrack to her latest autobiography. Also titled "Starting Over".

The book, which is now available to pre-order from Amazon, sounds like a truly toytastic read. According to the blurb:

"La Toya Jackson was always closer to Michael than anyone knew. In this heartfelt memoir, she pays tribute to his tortured soul — revealing the intimate moments she shared with the deeply troubled pop legend. The first sibling to arrive at the hospital after Michael was rushed there, and the informant on his death certificate, La Toya noticed suspicious details and demanded a second autopsy. For the first time, she unveils shocking behind-the-scenes dealings that she believes led to her brother's death."

No doubt Toy will add a Pulitzer Prize to her already impressive CV before the end of the year! The soundtrack, which is set for release on June 21, is apparently an EP of older tracks. Never fear, Janet's prettier sister is just being resourceful. Apparently the ageless beauty has a second album of new material on the way with a single scheduled for July. The excitement is almost more than I can handle! If her haunting soundtrack album does contain older material - I'm guessing it will feature her stunning Michael Jackson tribute "Home" - then I hope "No More Drama" makes the cut. I've been playing this stunning gem a lot lately. Not only is the YouTube clip a work of genius but Toy was rocking the urban dance sound 8 years before Rihanna. It even includes the legendary lyric "like Jan said I'm in control". A pioneer, I tell you!

Via Toy Experience.


SilverScreenSlags said...

So exciting! I can't wait to finally start over with Toy. Let's hope Just Wanna Dance is included. I think I'm more excited about the album of new material though, seen as I've listened to the leaked Startin' Over inside out.

tommie said...

This is so epic. Take that Janet!

Bruce said...

Of course she's a marketing genius, she always wanted to go into Business Law!

It's such a shame Oprah's retired now because I can think of the perfect pick for her book club!

This will be the first book I've cracked since "Growing Up In The Jackson Family." Talk about a global literacy advocate! I'm realizing La Toya could easily take Oprah's place. She should open a school for girls and start her own network!

Martin said...

Oh God... This is too much to handle! I can't wait for Detective Latoya to violently expose the REAL story behind Michael's death. I hope she names names and throws her silverfish riddled book at them!

Fingers crossed there's something as mesmerizing in THIS memoir as the whole foiled kidnapping saga from her last biography.

toysoldier said...

lmao easily the most anticipated album of the year!

noelster said...

Obviously the real gem in this release is the exquisite cover art for her book that will finally provide a grateful nation with a reason to pick up a book again! I don't know of a better way to say 'starting over' than with an old photo of times gone by (in extra-classy b/w, but faded! starting over!). But the real genius is the title design, likely designed by toy herself (with help from donald trump's team at 'celeb apprentice'). rather than highlight her distinctive name, instead she smartly highlights her common surname, to prove she is one of us! the title font looks like the default font that printers spit out when the specified font can't be found. Starting Over indeed! i've already cleared space on my graphic design library shelf for this specimen! June 21 can't come fast enough!

Anonymous said...

I love Latoya and have been eagerly awaiting this album for a long time now. I hope she finally gets the critical success she has always deserved. She along with several of her siblings have always had difficulty with the comparisons and living in the shadow of MJ and Jan. She is equally talented in her own right and so is Jermaine, Randy & Rebbie. I can't wait for her projects to hit the market this summer. I will be first in line for each and every one.

MagicalFroggy said...

La Toya truly is Starting Over and if this is a sample of the quality we can expect the girl has done her Toy Soldiers proud!!


Anonymous said...

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