Saturday, May 07, 2011

Kim Gloss - Germany's next superstar

I received a bunch of CDs from a German friend last week and spent the past few days catching up on all the best music Germany has to offer. There's so much great stuff but my favourite has to be 18-year-old Kim Gloss. She came to fame as a finalist on an X Factor type talent show and released her debut single "Famous In Paris" earlier this year. This exquisite slice of pop trash wouldn't sound out of place on Heidi Montag's genre-defining masterpiece "Superficial". Yes, it's that amazing! I love this hot mess from beginning to end. The Gaga-on-a-budget production is hot, Kim sounds fabulous and the lyrics are incredible. "I wanna show the world that I'm stunning and you know why when you see me coming" is my favourite insight into the world of celebrity culture. And don't worry, girl. You are already stunning! For so many different reasons. Take the hilarious video clip. Kim is sucked into a snow globe and then poses against some of the worst green-screen effects in history. I particularly love the bizarre choreography and limo shenanigans. Excitingly, the future superstar/proud Britney stan released her second single this week. It's another gem and will feature on the blog shortly. Your faves could never!


Anonymous said...

lissie then this mess.. really?

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